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What Makes Speedcubing So Addictive?

Riya Dhabarde

Hands down! Rubik’s cube has remained one of the best selling toys of all time, and there are definitely a variety of reasons behind such a great success. 

Rubik’s cube was developed by Erno Rubik in 1974 with the intention of providing an insight into the world of multi-dimensional figures in the area, to his students of architecture, but interestingly, the cube turned out to be more than just an educational model and became a sensational toy that still has a vibrant echo in the world of toys till date.

Many of us would agree that the Rubik’s cube is not just a toy but way more than that, and it would be incorrect to describe it as a toy given the various benefits and exciting features that it comes with. 

A Rubik’s cube is said to possess benefits that are extremely helpful in a child’s growth and also for people of any age group. It helps in improving cognitive abilities and also improves the reflexes of our fingers. Moreover, it helps in improving memory and works on the betterment of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Apart from these great benefits, Rubik’s cube is also said to tackle minor anxieties, and also helps in easing overthinking and stressing issues. 

Now that we have learnt a bit about the amazing Rubik’s cube, let’s finally crack the mystery of why speedcubing is so addictive.

If you are not aware of speedcubing, then speedcubing is the sport of solving a Rubik’s cube with the maximum speed and the shortest amount of time. It could be cracked through different algorithms and methods. 

Interestingly, there are a lot of amazing tournaments out there for speedcubing, and every tournament brings with itself a new champion and an astonishingly greater and amazing world record. 

So, now that we are aware of Rubik’s cube and speedcubing, let’s jump on some of the reasons that could justify what makes speedcubing so addictive.


Everyone likes a good challenge

A Rubik’s cube is all about challenges and topped with speedcubing, there is no better challenge known to Humankind. Many types of research, time and again have claimed about how challenges can be addictive to a human brain, as it continuously provides stimulus to the brain of doing something exciting. 

Fun and complicated

If anything that is both exciting, thrilling, and complicated, then that is definitely Rubik’s cube. A Rubik’s cube keeps our mind captivated by giving a continuous rush to our brains of doing something exciting and thrilling. Well! Consider a Rubik’s cube rollercoaster ride. Despite knowing it would be freaky, you would still want to go again and again to it. The same goes with speedcubing and the Rubik’s cube. 

Educational and joyful

The major reason why speedcubing is so addictive is due to the bountiful benefits it holds, thus making it a guiltless pleasure. The amazing benefits of the Rubik’s cube and also speedcubing makes us don’t want to leave the game in between and thus goes on and on with it. Moreover, knowing that speedcubing will only give us more benefits and no side effects, makes the game and speedcubing all the more joyful. 

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The Riddle

Rubik’s cube is a riddle that provides a challenge to our brains, thus solving it would provide happy hormones and a sense of satisfaction that encourages one to solve it till the end. Also, the stimulus that every correct move and building up of the algorithm provides to the brain adds on to the addiction making it a spiritual and interesting game to hand on to people.

Its an achievement that many think is unsolvable

Solving a Rubik’s cube, and being able to solve it through speedcubing makes you unique and separable from the regular crowd. Moreover, it helps you to stand out and show your hobbies with a quick hand game. Solving a Rubik’s cube is thought to be a difficult task, and thus, speedcubing in public could be a great way to stand out and also create an impression of being better for many people, thus adding to the ongoing addiction. 

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A Rubik’s cube and mostly speedcubing are great fun activities that anyone, despite their age group and mental capabilities, can take up, and enjoy their time with. Moreover, if there is anyone trying to let go of a bad habit, then Rubik’s cube is definitely a habit that could help to replace the existing bad ones. 

It is also important to note that Addiction to anything is bad. But solving a Rubik’s cube is more like a mental stimulus than addiction. 

So, if you feel that you can get into the habit of speedcubing, then we’d recommend you to get your speedcubes from the best lot. 

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Happy cubing!

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