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What is Soundcloud? Instructions on how to download music Download Soundcloud

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Soundcloud is an online music service that possesses many features and utilities. Soundcloud is not only a simple music player application but also supports users with many different uses. The content of the article below will help us better understand this service, and how to download soundcloud – download music on Soundcloud!

What is Soundcloud?

Before diving into learning how to download soundcloud, let’s go over some key information about this music service.

As the name implies, Soundcloud is an audio hosting cloud platform. With this platform, users can fully explore, listen to music online – offline, download, and even upload any audio file that we think of.

Along with Zing mp3 many times nhaccuatui, Soundcloud is currently a very popular music and sound platform these days. Working since 2008, at this time Soundcloud has identified itself as “the world’s largest platform for music and sound”.

With such a large number of users these days, Soundcloud is not exaggerating about itself. This service is increasingly receiving praise from users because of the following outstanding advantages:

  • Owning a huge music store, meeting all the needs of users
  • Listen to music with high quality audio service, feel free to share, upload, download quality music services.
  • Regularly updated with the latest and fastest songs
  • Users can completely conveniently and best follow their favorite singers/bands on Soundcloud.
  • Support on all platforms: android, iOS, Windows, Xbox,…
  • Support free music streaming

Things to know about Soundcloud

From the above information, many people must have felt that Soundcloud has many similarities with youtube. Of course, Soundcloud isn’t always about videos but only music, but there are certain similarities as well.

At Soundcloud, users can freely upload their music files so that everyone can listen. This is an effective channel to help singers launch their latest products, or help launch upcoming audio projects.


Just like many other music service platforms, depending on the usage, users have to pay for this service many times. Basically, this is a free service, but if we think about using many features, we will have to pay a fee.

For example, for listeners using Soundcloud Go and Soundcloud Go+ services without ads, we need to pay an additional $4.99 and $9.99/month, respectively.

Instructions on how to download music Download Soundcloud

It is not too difficult for us to fully use all the utilities of this music service, even for the Download Soundcloud service – download music on Soundcloud. For downloading music, we can completely do it in one of the following 2 ways:

Download music directly from the Soundcloud app

To help download music directly from Soundcloud, we can completely follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in/create a Soundcloud account

At this time, Soundcloud has supported users to completely register an account through facebook many times by email to save time. If we do not have an account, we can completely register a new account by using the registration form available at the web.

Step 2: Search our favorite song

At the top of the website system, there is a search tool for songs (Search). Enter the name of the song we think to listen to/download and press Enter.

Step 3: Download Soundcloud

When choosing a favorite song, the section below the song has a download section. Click here to download this content to your device.

Note, in some cases, there are songs that do not appear download text to help users download. This is because the content uploader has not yet allowed the user to download the music.

Download music using 3rd party tool

If it is not possible to download the song directly on the website, we can try another way: thanks to the support of a 3rd party. The specific steps are as follows:

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Step 1: Log in/register to your Soundcloud account.
Step 2: Do a search for the song that we think downloads
Step 3: Copy the URL of that song
Step 4: Access the soundcloud mp3 downloader
Step 5: At the top of the browser page, there is an empty box that helps us paste the URL of the song we just copied. After pasting, select download to start downloading the song. Check the music folder to see if the song has finished downloading.

Step 6: Immediately open the downloaded music file and start enjoying it!
Above is a summary of information about the Soundcloud online music service and how to Download Soundcloud – download music on Soundcloud. Hope the content of the article has brought us useful information. Wish we have great experiences with Soundcloud!

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