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What Happens After Invisalign Treatment is Completed

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When your Invisalign treatment is finished, you will have a stunning new smile. But it is not yet over. Patients must maintain the orthodontic aftercare treatment to preserve their beautiful smiles. In this piece, we’ll go through what you expect once your Invisalign treatment is over. Let’s get started.

After the Completion of Invisalign Treatment

After their Invisalign treatment is done, every patient will get an Invisalign retainer. Invisalign retainers maintain the teeth in the right position and provide something for them to lean against, preventing them from shifting into their original places.

This is especially problematic for teens whose bones have not yet fully solidified. And, no, your Invisalign cannot be used as a retainer.

What Is the Process of Retainers?

The Ottawa Invisalign Dentist will do a final scanning of the patient’s teeth. Once the scan is completed, a retainer that fits exactly over the patient’s teeth will be created. This keeps the teeth from reverting to their previous place.

Some Invisalign patients wrongly assume that their Invisalign tray may be used as a retainer to save time, expense, or physical features. Unfortunately, this will not work since the trays are not designed for long-term use and will become weaker over time.

Because the trays were only intended to be used for brief periods of time, they can become filthy. In addition, they are not intended to be cleaned in the same way as retainers, and as a result, they will become less attractive the longer they are worn.

Different Types of Retainers

1. Standard Wire Retainers

After metal braces, a fixed retainer is often used. The most often utilised way of maintaining teeth straight. These retainers include a unique plastic cap that fits the roof of the mouth and a flexible wire that spans the teeth. This type of retainer is easy to clean and highly long-lasting. Orthodontists often recommend traditional wire retainers for individuals who have active lifestyles.

Instead of being covered with a transparent plastic liner, this retainer allows the teeth to come together naturally. The disadvantage of this type of retainer is that people typically talk with a lisp until they become used to the sensation of plastic against the top of their mouth. Wire retainers are also more apparent than tray retainers, which are transparent.

2. Retainers Made of Clear Plastic

These look similar to the Invisalign treatment trays but are made of a stronger material. A transparent Retainer is similar to Invisalign trays in that it slips over the teeth. However, individuals may talk more easily when wearing them since nothing goes over the top of the mouth.

They are also clear, so they are less visible when worn. However, if the retainer is not cleaned properly, it has a propensity to turn yellow or grey, affecting the look of the teeth. Furthermore, because the plastic retainers cover the teeth, they are unable to come together normally. 

Retainer Maintenance When the Invisalign Treatment Is Completed

It is critical to maintaining a retainer in order to achieve the greatest outcomes. It also protects against the need to buy a replacement retainer too soon. 

1. Keeping a Clear Retainer

The most important item that any patient must keep track of. Harmful germs can accumulate within a retainer and cause harm to the teeth that the retainer was designed to protect. There are basically two cleaning alternatives, rather than using abrasive toothpaste, which might harm the retainer.

The first is that a person may properly clean their retainer with soap and water. Another alternative is to buy tablets designed particularly for cleaning retainers. This method is simpler since the retainer just has to be soaked in water containing the dissolved pill for around 20 minutes.

2. Keeping a Retainer Safe While Eating or Drinking

Another critical step, especially when using clear plastic retainers. To avoid food becoming trapped within retainers, they should be removed when eating. After eating, a person should clean their teeth, clean their retainer, and reinsert it in their mouth.

Hot drinks should not be taken with transparent plastic retainers while the retainer is within the mouth. The heat from the beverage can cause the retainer to melt, causing it to no longer fit correctly over the teeth 

3. Avoiding Harmful Actions

Wearing your retainer can protect your teeth from a variety of negative effects. If a person smokes, they should stop promptly in order to safeguard their teeth. If that is not a possibility, transparent plastic retainers should be avoided since they will become yellow when exposed to smoke.

Because of its greater longevity, a traditional wire retainer is recommended for athletes who participate in a lot of activity. Individuals should also avoid chewing gum or eating sticky candy that can become trapped against their retainer.

Retainers: How Long Do They Last?

Individuals who have had the Invisalign aligners procedure must wear a retainer for a lifetime. While this may seem dreadful, retainers typically only need to be worn at night.

Most patients will have to wear one for around months of wearing a retainer every day; after that, they will only need to wear one when sleeping. This might vary based on the patient’s circumstances.

Final Words

Wearing a retainer after Invisalign helps to maintain your smile healthily and long-lasting. Brushing on a regular basis, and see your general dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings. Additionally, it is critical to consume a nutritious, well-balanced diet rich in vitamins to make your teeth strong and improve overall dental health.If you have any concerns regarding orthodontic treatment or are interested in learning more about Invisalign, retainers, and Sedation Dentistry Ottawa please do not hesitate to contact our office. We’d love to assist you in preserving a straight and healthy smile!

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