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What Are the Different Types of Paintball Fields That Exist Today?

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Are you looking forward to hosting a huge paintball tournament?

If so, you should consider looking at the different types of paintball fields that you can play in.

These can enhance your playing and can increase the challenges of a paintball tournament. These are among the most popular fields in the paintball industry and are great for whatever level you’re in.

This guide will show you the types of paintball fields for both amateur paintball players and professional paintball.

Here’s what you need to know:

Scenario Paintball Fields

These paintball fields are a great option if you want to gather a bunch of paintball players to engage in several challenges. You can use this type of paintball field to improve your team’s dynamics.

As a side note, you can look here to learn about the most successful paintball teams in professional paintball:

With these paintball fields, you’ll have different activities you and your team can consider. For example, one team can defend their area from the opposing team. You can also try to capture a flag from the other team’s area.

This is arguably one of the most fun ways to play paintball. It’s great for first-time paintball players as well as professional players.

This is a great option if you want to design a game for playing paintball. You don’t just have to stick to a tournament match. These games are great for both amateur and professional paintball players.

Outlaw Paintball Fields

This is a basic paintball field that anyone can set up. You can find a small field to hold a simple paintball tournament.

This is a tournament where you have to eliminate the other team by striking their players with your paintballs. The smaller the field is, the more challenging the game will be. You can also rent a larger field if you want your tournaments to last longer.

These types of paintball fields aren’t always the safest option as they don’t have a referee or on-demand medical support.

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As such, this type of paintball field only works for expert paintball players. If you have any amateur paintball players in your group you should avoid this type of field. Amateur players can be seriously harmed on this type of field.

Make sure you and your fellow paintball players have protective gear. You want to set rules beforehand to avoid serious injuries. You also want to check the legality of playing on outlaw paintball fields in your area.

Woodsball Paintball Fields

This type of paintball field is one of the most popular types for both beginners and professional players.

It’s a forest with bunkers and other paraphernalia for enhancing gameplay. It’s a fun way to compete with other teams in a Battle Royale setting.

This is also one of the most challenging paintball fields you’ll come across. The terrain is uneven and rough. You can expect to dive, duck, and strafe while trying to take out your opponents!

Speedball Paintball Fields

If you want a quick paintball challenge then this is a great option. With Speedball paintball fields, you’ll have a small field that’s got a structure. You’ll also find a few lightweight bunkers and a few hurdles.

You’ll have to quickly attack your opponents as there are not many places to hide. These paintball tournaments can last between 5 – 10 minutes!

This is a better option for professional paintball players. For newer paintball players, this can be rather overwhelming. As such, you want to make sure you get to practice with paintball matches before playing on such a field.

Urban Warfare Paintball Fields

This is the best option for serious paintball tournaments. These paintball fields have many bunkers and hiding spots.

This is a paintball field for a serious tournament that can last for up to 1 hour. This is if you want to take out all your opponents to win the game. You’ll want to focus on attacking others but also protecting yourself from the opposing teams.

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You’ll need to have experience with playing paintball to perform well on this type of paintball field. Make sure you play paintball at least once per week before you can graduate to this type of paintball field.

These paintball fields are great if you want a mix of physical and mental activity. It’s a great way to spend an entire day playing paintball.

Best Practices for Playing on Paintball Fields

Now let’s look at the best practices you should follow when you play on paintball fields.

First, you have to assess the skill level of all the players. If you’re an expert, you’ll likely want to play on an Urban Warfare paintball field.

But if you have a few amateurs playing with you, consider a different type of field. You want to make sure the paintball field can accommodate different skill levels.

You’ve also got to consider the types of paintball guns that are going to get used. Some paintball guns are best-suited for larger fields such as Woodball paintball fields. Others can shoot at short ranges so they might work better for Outlaw and Speedball paintball fields.

You should also research the best paintball guns for the type of paintball fields you wish to play in.

You want to share this information with your fellow players before the day of the tournament. This gives them a chance to prepare for the type of gameplay on the paintball field.

If you have a few amateurs on your team, you might want to take them to a paintball shooting range first. This is a great way to practice your shooting before entering a tournament.

Choose Your Paintball Fields

Now you can choose the right paintball fields for your upcoming paintball tournament.

If you want to enjoy obstacle courses you might want to consider a Scenario or Speedball tournament. For more intense combat, choose a Woodsball or Outlaw tournament.

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If you want a great combination of physical and mental challenges, then you’ll love spending your day at an Urban Warfare paintball field.

You can find more great content on the paintball industry on our website!

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