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What Are the Different Types of Boats That Boaters Are in Love With?

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With the draw of open water away from crowds, Americans have fallen in love with boats all over again. Did you know that last year, boat sales increased 9% to $47 billion? So the boating industry is seeing its highest gains in thirteen years.

It’s no wonder there is a shortage of supply in some types of boats. But you might wonder which boat types are favorites of the boating hobby. Well, keep reading here for a list of the leaders with a bit of boating terminology in the mix.

Basic Trawlers

What’s more relaxing than floating along a lazy river with your fishing rod cast on a crisp morning? The simple fishing boat ticks all the boxes if peace and quiet are all you want.

Of course, you can start with a simple aluminum design. Or you can fit out a comfy and efficient fish catching machine. The only limit to these types of boats is your imagination.

Fishing craft has always been the best boats for people that live on the water. Their versatility gives owners options to add power or navigation devices as needed.

Family Fun Types of Boats

The wide V-shaped hull of a deck boat is very popular for group boating. A 25-35 foot deck boat with plenty of seating room performs all the favorite activities. Take a sunset cruise or tack on a line for watersports, and you are on your way to loads of fun.

Another of these boat types that are popular is bowriders. They’re larger than other types of boats in this category, but they have lots of room for friends and family. The captain has a cockpit helm while swimmers get a diving deck off the back.

Then, when your budget allows, a catamaran is excellent for cruising for longer distances. The shallow draft will take you more places than conventional boats. Catamarans aren’t bad for fishing in comfort either.

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Wind and Power

For the pure sport of a boating hobby, there are a couple of choices for water adventure. Riding the wind currents on a sailboat has been a favorite activity for centuries.

Sailboats take a lot of work to maneuver with confidence. But when you get the essentials down, there’s nothing like the romanticism of sailing into the sun. And size choices for these boat types are virtually limitless.

But if speed is your thing, then there are a few types of boats to get your heart racing. Boat lovers are buying everything from jetskis to cigarette boats for open water thrills.

Lifestyle Boats

Living on the water is still a dream life for many people. Houseboats come in various sizes and shapes. As a result, the boating industry has recently found a new interest in houseboats for luxury and comfort.

Of the boat types that do more, the houseboat is king. You can go cruising, fishing, or use it for watersports anytime. So make a home on your boat and free yourself from a lot of limitations.

But if you want to live year-round on a houseboat, be sure your marina has dock de-icers at the ready. Unless you plan on keeping a float house stationary, you’ll need to know these services.

The Boating Hobby is Growing

People everywhere are finding a renewed love for all types of boats. Weekend getaways or new lifestyles are helping the boating industry to grow. So choose your best boats and hit the waves.

And if this article gave you a splash, come back for more interesting insights.

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