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Have you ever wondered about the future of your newborn? Do you wish to know the road map of your child’s life? Well, the Janam kundli can answer your questions. You can know about not only your child but yours and your close one’s future as well through a Janam kundli.

Now-a- days you don’t have to visit the astrologer in person. The best astrology site or free Janam kundli reading in Hindi online can help you out right at your home. The online Janam kundli reading in Hindi has numerous benefits compared to the traditional method of visiting an astrologer in person.

Through online free chat with an astrologer (interlink), you can unveil the upcoming secrets of your life.

What Is A Janam Kundli?

When a child is born, it is a significant practice in Indian families to note down the specific information regarding time, place, day and even week. This practice is to assist the astrologer in preparing the birth chart of the individual.

Janam kundli is a term used for an individual’s birth chart, which signifies the planetary positions and stars as per the birth date and time. Free Janam kundli in Hindi online can help you in providing you with your birth chart.

The information present in a Janam Kundli might seem indecipherable to you, but an expert Vedic astrologer can easily interpret it. It predicts the future of various domains of life: your career, relationships, financial status, health, and family life.

In Indian culture, an astrological chart is the first gift a child receives after birth. In this modern era, you can get an online Janam kundli by the date of birth of your child. But the parents must remember that they should have exact details of their child’s birthplace, date and time.

Any mistake in the details leads to the formation of a wrong birth chart. No two people can have the same birth chart. Everyone is born with a unique road map of their own.

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How Does Janam Kundli Work?

There are a total of 12 houses present in everyone’s birth chart. The very first house starts with the ascendant. All the other 11 houses are numbered in an anticlockwise way. These houses tell you the planetary positions. Each house has its domain of life that it talks about.

Janam kundli online in Hindi will represent all houses of your birth chart in your native language.

The first house is known as Tanu bhava. It signifies joy, peace, power and character. The second house is Dhan bhava which symbolizes the wealth and financial domain.

The third house is Sahai bhava which symbolizes the siblings and facilitates the balance in interpersonal relationships. The fourth house is known as Bandhu bhava, which influences the household environment, mother and property.

You can assess their influence through online free Janam kundli in Hindi. Putra bhava is the fifth house that affects the children. You can interpret your servants, enemies, and health through the sixth house known as Ari bhava. The seventh house, Yuvati bhava, represents your relationship with your spouse.

The eighth house predicts death, sickness and is known as Randhr bhava. The dharma bhava, which is the ninth house, predicts advanced education and past karmas. Karma bhava is the tenth house associated with finance, a career as well as education.

The next two houses, labh bhava and Vyaya bhava predict imprisonment, satisfaction and desires. If you are totally new to the houses, you must get your Janam kundli online in Hindi.By comprehensive analysis of your Janam kundli, the astrologer will be able to predict all the domains represented by 12 houses.

Online Kundli Matching

The planetary motions have a powerful influence on our relationships. In Hindu societies, we always prefer to match the kundlis of boys and girls to ensure a happy life post marriage. The matching of Janam kundli reveals how the planets bless the bride and groom.

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By providing the birth chart details of the bride and groom on a suitable portal, the families can facilitate online kundli matching in Hindi. It can also suggest some remedies to work out the relationship of a prospective couple.

The results of kundli matching are often on Ashta Kuta. And the compatibility of boy and girl is calculated on 36 points.

Benefits Of Free Online Janam Kundli Reading

1.Choosing online kundli reading helps you save time.

2.You have options in language as well. If you prefer the Hindi language, you can easily find a site. for Janam kundli free online reading in Hindi.

3.In case of matchmaking and interpretation of your Janam kundli, you can set out to find the best astrology site online for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any distinction between Lagna kundli and Janam kundli?

No, the Lagna kundli and Janam kundli are synonymous terms. Both of them mean the birth chart of an individual.

2. What is meant by the Navamsa chart?

It means a division. The exact Sanskrit word for it is Varga. When nine subdivisions are made under a zodiac sign, it is called navamsa.

3.Can astrology make correct predictions about the future?

Astrology is a divine and ancient practice. It has the potential to reveal the upcoming course of your life through observing your birth chat and interpreting the planetary motions.

4.Are there any solutions to work out a relationship with the help of astrology?

.You can go for online free Janam kundli Milan in Hindi on any preferable portal. They will not only match the Janam kundli of prospective couples but also assist you with effective remedies to work out problems in your relationship.

Concluding Remarks

The Janam kundli plays a vital role in determining the track of your life. Whether it’s you, your spouse or your child, you can go for the interpretation of Janam kundli for everyone.It will help you out in understanding the upcoming course of your life.

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Moreover, onlineJanam kundli by date of birth in Hindi is also available on several portals. The online kundli reading and matching saves your time and maintains the standards of privacy.It would be best always to consider matching the Janam kundlis of the prospective couple so that the upcoming course of the relationship can be revealed.

We wish to enlighten you with several benefits of kundli reading through this article. Now it is your turn to set up and go for a Janam kundli reading online in Hindi. Also, let us know your thoughts and queries in the comment section below.

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