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Use your custom boxes to reach a wide audience throughout the year.

Tobias McCree

Businesses must always market. But they often avoid it because they believe it costs a lot of money. Traditional marketing methods, such as social media or print media, may not reach all of your target demographic. Custom boxes are the only way to reach 100% of your customer base without spending a fortune. They are known as the “silent salesman” in the market. With a little imagination, you can maximise your marketing potential.

custom boxes

Logo design:

Your custom printed boxes are your branding canvas. Add visual branded elements to make them resonate with your brand values. Your company’s logo is the perfect addition to the design that reflects your company’s vision. When imprinted with branded colour combinations, it tends to catch consumers’ attention immediately. It also represents your company’s core values, pain points, and value propositions. The right placement of the corporate logo can also create positive feelings of brand supremacy. Placing it in the front and centre of the design will make your firm appear high-end. Print a bold logo on the boxes to increase brand visibility.

Designing for events:

Promoting wholesale boxes with the same design is never a good idea. Their monotony repels customers, negating all your efforts. Remember to keep changing the design to maximise marketing potential. It is highly recommended to keep introducing changes based on upcoming events. It doesn’t cost much because you only need to change a few colours and the structure. If your budget is tight, you can still use custom packaging tapes and label rolls. Like Starbucks’ holiday cup, you can design your own holiday boxes. It’s a great way to build brand recognition and establish yourself among competitors.

custom boxes
custom boxes


Retaining customers is much easier than gaining new ones. So why not present your company’s unique value to them? Incorporate special packaging inserts like “thank you” cards into your custom printed boxes. Boxes with personalised packaging inserts could also appeal to your target demographic. They are perfect choices to improve customer experiences with your company. These inserts may be seen by social media influencers or regular users. The better experience encourages them to share their experience in the digital world, promoting your company.

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With each passing day, the competition for customer attention grows. Do you think it’s necessary to entice customers to stick with your brand in this competitive market? This is where custom packages may be vital to you. List your social media handles on them as they reach all targeted niche audiences. To make a good first impression, only use popular handles. They will entice customers to learn more about your company. They may share your stories, posts, and comments on social media, generating digital word of mouth.


The colours and textures of custom boxes fascinate potential clients. They value your dedication to a unique unboxing experience. But, more than anything else, they want to be rewarded. Consider including promotional elements in your boxes to increase brand recognition. The inclusion of games, puzzles, and hints would encourage clients to interact with your packages. These small touches help consumers form strong bonds and even share their experiences with others. Coupon codes could also be included in the custom packages to reward customers and promote your business.

Custom boxes are an important part of the customer experience. Poor packaging leads to negative word-of-mouth. Even if the product is superior, the packaging is what the customer sees first. So, remember to use these strategies to boost your company’s brand recognition.

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