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9 Terrible Consequences of An Untreated Water Damage

Hannah Oscar

All of us want to live in a house that is strongly built with a solid and sound structure. That is why you need to be very careful when building a house so that your house is constructed professionally according to standards and codes. The location of your home also has a lot of significance. But when a disaster such as water damage strikes, it does not matter how well your home is built, it will harm your house and its structural integrity along with everything else inside the house if you leave water damage untreated. This article will tell you the Consequences of Untreated Water Damage.

Structural Damage to Your Home

Wood turns into a scrubber when exposed to water. For this reason, the wood structure of your basement, walls, and floors will continue to absorb water. Over time, this water will absorb the rest of your home. The most evident and instant effects of untreated water damage are aesthetics, stains, discoloration, and streaks on the walls. 

Most of these obvious symptoms will be the first sign that they are having a home leak. Even a small amount of water in your basement can seep through the ceiling. When drywall begins to captivate water from a leaking source, it begins to warp and swell. If left untreated, this damp wood will begin to rot, causing several problems. 

Not only does this create a health risk for the people living in the house, but it also weakens the wood and, in turn, the structural integrity of the house. If left untreated for too long, it can compromise the structural integrity and foundation damage of the house. It is the most dangerous when it comes to supporting beams and other important structures in the house.

Mold Development

One of the biggest problems that can arise with untreated water damage is mold. This can happen any time there is water damage over a long period, usually with a major flood or sump overflow. A damp attic, condensation from pipes, old carpets, drywall, furs, etc. these are great places for mold growth. If mold is left untreated, it can easily destroy the structure of your house and cause permanent destruction.

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There are different types of molds, some more dangerous than others. Any mold can cause allergies and respiratory problems. If mold is caused by water damage, only a professional team of experts is trained to handle water damage restoration in Gaithersburg MD and will have the right equipment and protective gear to properly resolve the problem. problem.

Untreated Water Can Decrease the Overall Value of Your Home

Water damage can be a nasty scar. Homes with a history of water damage will show it and it cannot be painted to hide it. A home inspector can detect and document water damage if it is not treated properly. Potential buyers will offer you less money or worse, they will not consider buying your home at all. The staining can be painted over and the floor replaced, most home inspectors have a pitiless eye when it comes to detecting untreated water damage. Your home will lose most of its value and structural integrity as well if water damage is left untreated.

Damages Wooden Structures in The House

Wood is one of the most noticeable and expensive materials in homes, but it gets destroyed by water. Water can seep into floors and baseboards with time, causing them to grind and deteriorate. Moist wood becomes vulnerable to mildew. Mold is not just carrying a risk to the family living in the house, it further weakens the wood and creates a safety hazard.

Untreated Water Is a Health Risk

Floodwater, unlike ordinary leaks, will ultimately carry huge amounts of bacteria, insects, and fungi. As the water evaporates, the air becomes moist. Water can carry a large number of nasty pollutants including chemical pollutants, toxic waste, sewage, bacteria, etc. Once these objects enter your home, they adhere to walls and floors even when the water dries up. These pollutants can make your home smell foul, but more importantly, they can cause serious health problems if not cleaned up immediately.

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Makes Your Electrical Systems Vaulted

Water damage left unattended for too long can cause short circuits and house fires. Any electrical socket, wire, outlet, or fuse box bare to damp conditions presents a substantial hazard to the family in the house. Electricity and water can be dangerous and fatal. The less mess the better, which is why staying on top of water damage cleanup is a must.

Damage Your Drywall

A big problem when it comes to water damage to drywall is mold. Even just a little water damage on your drywall can also damage the structural integrity of your home with time. If your drywall is not firm, you will face water damage issues that could pose structural risks as well if left untreated. Drywalls spoiled by water should be cut and replaced as soon as possible.

Untreated Water Damage Can Create Insurance Issues

As a homeowner, improper treatment of water damage can put you in a bad situation with insurance companies. Contingent on the policy and coverage, some water damage claims may increase the fees or premiums. Home insurance covers the following:

  • Rain or snowstorm
  • Plumbing issues include leak pipes, frozen plumbing, faulty plumbing, accidental overflow
  • Leaky roof.
  • Accidental overfilling of a device or accessory

Water damage is not always covered by your home insurance if it is not the result of an accident or a sudden and unforeseen incident, act quickly to avoid problems with home insurance.

Untreated Water Damages Your Personal Belongings

The same water that causes structural damage can quickly destroy many personal items, such as photos, books, electronics, and personal documents, among others. However, if you act quickly and bring in a water damage expert, you may be able to reverse this negative water damage effect and save a lot of your items.

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