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Tried and Tested Tips to Make Your Home Rewiring Easier

Andrew Millar

Name one of the major maintenance tasks for homeowners? No prizes for guessing, it is rewiring the home. If you are planning to rewire your house anytime soon, it is better you understand the nuances right. Here are some important tips that you are bound to find helpful.

Plan the work properly

 Just like any other project success in rewiring a home also depends on proper planning. Similar to any other electrical installation, this one too has safety regulations that must be followed. Moreover there is also ample space to redesign the electrics in your home to suit modern living. A proper plan for house rewiring must cover the following aspects –

  • Locations for new power points
  • Possible accommodations during project execution
  • Reinstatement work or decoration
  • Making installations future proof

Choose the right contractor

Rewiring is obviously not a technically challenging job for a qualified electrician. However it may prove to be difficult and tenacious specially while dealing with the fabric of an old building. Thus electricians often have to struggle a bit with rewiring projects of old properties. Taking this point into consideration it is better to hire contractors who are particularly used to rewiring homes. Their experience and expertise can come in handy. Thankfully there are several electrical contractors in London who deal in house rewiring projects more than anything else.

Move out while rewiring is undergoing

A reliable electrical contractor takes special care for rewiring projects. The aim is to finish the work faster and in proper way. They achieve these contrasting dynamics with superb planning and organising. Moreover they depute specialised manpower. Before entering into a contract talk to your contractor whether he too provides the same benefits. If rewiring your property is a day’s work – as usually most homes are – then life is less hectic. But if the task lasts longer then it is better to move the family out of that building till the work gets complete.

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Electrical rewiring also means reinstatement

After the rewiring is finished you must negate the damage done to the plaster and then need to arrange and decorate the property. Therefore, it will be better to tie up with electric contractor who also provides these services. Rewiring inevitably opens up cuts and chases on walls as well as plaster. Sealing these up is important for sake of better keeping of the property. There are many electrical contractors in and around London who also offer full range plastering service on electrical rewires. Moreover these people can also connect you to other professionals like decorators and joiners whom you need at the rehabilitation stage.

Protection against dust

Electrical rewiring is undeniably messy in nature. Cuts are made into the walls as well as holes are drilled into. If the walls are made of brick, the situation turns dusty. It is a good idea to invest a little time on dust shitting before your electricians arrive. Meanwhile it is also your responsibility to tuck away all your personal belongings to safety. Electricians do provide dust sheets for the work but you should also perform little dust sheeting on your own and cover your belongings up. This extra effort helps preventing dust penetration.

Superior quality electrical products

It is important to use products that comply with the BS7671 or the British Standard. But it is better to use the best possible products provided the budget permits. Experience says low cost products usually fail sooner. Moreover their failure may compel you to make call out to electricians at hefty costs. Ask the contractor to prepare the quote based on the best available products. If that is manageable then you can be better reassured, nothing is better.

Have a clear plan

It is utmost crucial to create a clear, well-thought out plan to execute the operation. Start with a small floor plan or may have a thoroughly consented layout for your electrical installations. Make sure your electrician clearly understands your plans and ideas so that there is no room for misunderstanding to creep in the rewiring project. It is recommended that the electrician must visit the site at least once or twice and there must also be a brief site meeting before the work kicks off. It is indeed difficult to move the position of the installations later. Thus a proper planning becomes so important.

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Make things future proof

Rewiring makes your home electrically safe; it cuts down the chances of electric shocks and electrical fires. In addition to that it is also an opportunity to categorically select the latest products to make your home future proof. Rewiring a house is definitely disruptive. Thus it is better to get all the wiring and add ons done at the same time. Now you may be wondering what makes a home future proof in the contemporary times. Here are a few clues.

  • Networking – carefully choose reliable networking option and get it installed to ensure seamless Internet connectivity
  • Feature lighting – lighting in your home just does not have to be practical
  • Enhance security – consider installing CCTVs and other electronic surveillance systems to beef up security in your home
  • Entertainment – multiple TV sets can be installed

Talk to your electrician in details to ensure the electrical system can easily handle the new upgrades.

Clearly understand the costing and payment terms

It is utmost important for you to understand the entire quotation clearly along with the payment terms of your contractor. Usually private contractors expect payment on completion of a project. A reliable electrical services company will offer you crystal clear payment terms along with the option of retention of payment in cases of any snag or dissatisfaction on your part. It is important to note the cost of electrical rewiring will be slightly inflated because of the VAT. On the other hand inclusion of VAT also ensures you are working with a legitimate service provider.

Here is a typical chart of rewiring cost with addition of VAT for you to get a better grasp of things –

  • Rewiring for 1 bed flat – £1995 + VAT
  • Rewiring for 2 bed flat – £2395 + VAT
  • Rewiring for 3 bed flat – £269595 + VAT
  • Rewiring for 2 bed house – £2995 + VAT
  • Rewiring for 3 bed house – £3395 + VAT
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Last but nevertheless the least avoid stress with your home rewiring project.

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