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Top Criteria For Selecting CCTV Companies In Dubai

Peter Dong

Installing CCTV at home or office has become a necessity. It creates an enabling environment for the 360-degree security of the establishment. However, installing CCTV cameras is not an easy job. You need to connect each camera to the DVR and make low voltage connections, but more than these you need to make sure that you get crystal-clear surveillance video. To achieve this you need to make sure that the cameras are aimed and adjusted properly. Indeed, placement and adjustment of cameras are one of the most important considerations for optimum monitoring of home or office.

Reputed CCTV Companies in Dubai

So, if you are considering installing CCTV for surveillance in and around your home or office, you need to consider reputed CCTV companies in Dubai. Reputed companies have highly experienced people in planning and executing video surveillance installations. Leaving the job of planning the installation can be counterproductive. People with no or less experience can install more cameras which can drive up the cost. People with huge experience can ensure optimum coverage with a minimum number of cameras. Moreover, they can keep the cable length at a minimum. 

Important Criteria In Selecting Reputed CCTV Companies In Dubai

Nevertheless, reputation is not the only criteria for selecting a CCTV company in Dubai. You need to see that it has the following criteria too. 

  • Support for all devices

When you are away from home you need to make sure that your home is secured. So, the best of the reputed CCTV companies In Dubai offers support for all devices, i.e. smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. Whether you are sitting at home or commuting to the office, you can keep a watch on your home.

  • Dubai police approved

Every CCTV camera installer in Dubai must be approved by the Dubai police. So, make sure that the company is Dubai police-approved.

  • Warranty 
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Make sure that the company offers at least 2 years warranty on the installation. 

  • 24-hour replacement 

Surveillance is a 24-hour requirement. So, in case there is an issue with a camera, the company must replace it within 24 hours. 

  • Recording

Make sure to get at least 30 days of recording of videos. This helps to detect unlawful entities.

  • British standard

The installation must follow British standards for CCTV management and operation. 

Bottom Line

For CCTV camera installation it is important that the installer must be experienced, is approved by Dubai Police, maintains British standards of installation, and offer a 24-hour replacement for cameras. This makes a great CCTV installation service. 

Peter Dong

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