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Top 5 Benefits of Himalayan Singing Bowls

Hussain Ali

Tibetan gong bells, also known as singing bowls, originated during ancient times in Mesopotamia.

So why are they sold and used all over the world today?

These crystal gongs, also referred to by many as Himalayan singing bowls, are beneficial to the spirit, mind, and body. Let’s explore why these ancient vehicles of sound are so powerful and cherished by humans around the world.

1. Aid In Meditation

Singing bowls are often used in religious rituals. But did you know that they are also supplemental tools for meditation?

Listening to the deep, rich tones made by these unique bowls can increase a person’s concentration.

The consistency and evenness of the bowls’ tambour promotes a Trans-like state in some who hear it. This state of being complements the meditative state.

2. May Help to Lower Blood Pressure

According to a small study, the sound of Himalayan singing bowls can help to lower a person’s blood pressure.

Though more extensive studies are necessary to understand the connection between sound therapy and physical well-being, there is evidence that the dings and gongs unique to Tibetan singing bowls send soothing signals to the brain. This releases tension, which allows the blood pressure to decrease.

3. Improve Mood

Just as they relieve tension in your body, so Himalayan singing bowls relax your spirit and mind.

Though the shift in mood may not be instant, there is some scientific evidence that suggests the soothing sounds made by singing bowls alleviate depression and ease negative moods.

Of course, sound therapy using singing bowls isn’t a one-stop solution to chronic depression. However, when used in conjunction with other types of therapy, singing bowls can be an effective mood booster over time.

4. Himalayan Singing Bowls Help With Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Perhaps a meditation session with singing bowls can soothe your mind to sleep.

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The sound waves emitted by singing bowls are steady and prolonged. The looped pattern of these sound waves lull the brain into a state of relaxation and signal sleep cues.

For best results, try listening to the sounds of singing bowls an hour or more before you plan to sleep. You can use them to signal the start of your bedtime routine. Before you incorporate them into your nightly routine, set yourself up for success by researching how to use singing bowls for beginners.

5. Balance Your Body’s Energy

The ancient mystique of Himalayan singing bowls revolves around their impact on a person’s energy. Though this is not yet explained by science, the sound waves emitted by singing bowls balance a person’s energy and neutralize the atmosphere.

These bowls carry through an element of peace which promotes harmony and healing. As such, this benefit is directly connected to each of the others, including physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

Healing Through Sound

Are you ready to experience the benefits of Himalayan singing bowls yourself? If so, hopefully this article can be your guide. 

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