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Tips to Make Good Use of Your Leftover Bubble Wrap

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Congratulations on shifting to your new abode successfully! You must have unpacked the boxes, at least the ones you require the most. But apart from the leftover boxes, you are left with big and small bubble wrap sheets and cardboard boxes. But both these packaging materials are very versatile and can be used in the future for various purposes.

The air-filled bubbled sheets called bubble wrap is the “ultimate” packaging material that protects your favourite products in transit, and can even be reused many times after the shifting. Since you have already paid a lump sum for these packaging supplies, it’s best that your make full use of them.

Here are The Things That You Can Do with Your Bubble Wrap Sheets After the Move.

Store It for Your New Move:

You will have some bubble wrap sheets ruined in the shifting process but the ones which are in good condition must be saved for your next shifting. You never know when you might need them again, so it’s better to keep some handy.

Unlike bulky cardboard boxes, bubble wrap takes up little space and you can easily roll them and probably store loads of them in just one cardboard storage box.

Use It to Insulate Your Home:

As we know already, the bubbles on the specialised plastic sheets have nothing but air trapped inside, which makes them an excellent insulator.

If your new home has poor insulation, stick wet sheets of bubble wrap on the inside of the windows and make the insulation better. Also, to prevent cold air from entering your room, fill in the gaps with these air-filled plastic sheets. You can also wrap water pipes to prevent them from freezing during the winter.

Protecting Plants and Keeping Them at Their Right Temperature:

If you’re a pet parent, then you are sure already what you will do with that extra piece of bubble wrap sheet. During the harsh winter months, the air-filled bubbles help to protect the delicate plants from frost and cold air. Line the sides of pots with bubble wrap before you place your plants but do leave the bottom open for proper drainage. You can use the wraps to cover the foliage to keep them insulated properly from the harshest of the winters.

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Saving Your Veggies and Groceries:

After you move to your new abode, you would need a long shopping-spree, of food, groceries, veggies, and refill your refrigerator. And in this case, too you can make use of the great insulation qualities of bubble wrap. Try and line your grocery bags with bubble wrap and keep food and drinks cooler for a much longer time while you run around the city for other errands. Many also find it to be useful in saving fresh veggies and fruits from getting bruised. Even if you want to save your crockeries or in that matter your wine bottles, simply wrap them up in bubble wrap. They will not only remain safe but will also maintain the temperature.

One of The Easiest Ways to Keep Your Stress at Bay:

Bubble wrap is an unbelievable way to relieve your stress, and also the easiest thing that you can do after you are done with your move. Leaving your old residence, moving in with someone or moving out, and getting acquainted with a new place, can leave you stressed. Why not pick up a sheet or two and start popping your heart out? You will believe it only after you have tried it.

Let Your Kids Have Fun Too:

Bubble Wrap sheets are super functional and versatile. Why not engage your kids in having some creative fun using bubble wrap sheets? Ask your child to paint the bubbles in bright colours and press the same on sheets of white paper.

Keep Stored Accessories in The Shape:

After moving, here’s another way by which you can reuse your bubble wraps. While you unpack your handbags, shoes, and belts, you may choose to store some of them temporarily because you wouldn’t require all of those together. Instead of newspaper pieces, you can use bubble wrap to keep totes, handbags, and especially tall boots from losing their shape. Fill your accessories with clean sheets of bubble wraps, and you’re all set.

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