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Tips To Keep In Mind For A First Time Home Buyer

Alina Wilson

Numerous aspects are involved in purchasing a dream property which might be challenging for a buyer. For a first time buyer who is looking for a 2 BHK in Wagle estate, they have to be cautious so that they do not commit the mistakes all over again. More so they are keen to obtain the best deal. To harp on the home buying process and obtain the best deal, a comprehensive guide is put in place. Such a checklist is going to provide you an idea on the points to consider before moving on this big day.


Being a first time home buyer, make sure that your new home provides all the below mentioned facilities

  • Check out for facilities like educational hubs, hospitals, public transport, shopping facilities etc.
  • Check out the ways by which you may commute with your vehicle. Make sure that the building offers excellent connection facilities to public and private transport facilities.
  •  Figure out the cultural orientation of a building complex and check whether it matches with yours
  • Do you prefer the hustle, bustle of city life or are you looking for a  peaceful premises. Clearly understand whether it would match with your preferences or not.

A background study of the developer

Mostly you would not want to risk to  purchase a home that is built by an inexperienced developer or someone who has a bad reputation. Then it is necessary to check out on the below points

  • The developer has gone on to cash in on the goodwill of their customers
  • The promises on delivery, amenities are met
  • The offers made are credible
  • The backing of the project is done by a reputed builder
  •  By any chance has the developer defaulted on any loan commitments
  • Have they been part of any legal case

Return on investment

Any financial investment that you make needs to  be done with the investment value in mind. Irrespective of the fact whether you are renting out a property or living your home, it is necessary to pre – determine the rules. Purchasing of a property is a long term commitment, and when purchasing 2 BHK flats for sale in Wagle estate It is a point to consider. Opt for an area which would grow in terms of infrastructure and economic facilities.  Even check out the scalability component of your residential premises.

The property type

When you are choosing a home factors, like the family size along with age of kids have a telling impact. A teenager might prefer a separate room of their own and a joint family would prefer a big size apartment. In addition if you have frequent guests coming in then you would want a house that offers a guest room.

If you are looking to move over to a new home, then a ready to move in project is a requirement. On the other hand if it is for investment purposes then an under construction home would suffice.

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