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Things to Consider to Find the Best Hookahs to Buy

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If you have smoked hookah before, you may know how to choose the right hookah and enjoy shisha flavours. Nevertheless, novice smokers don’t have any clues concerning the best hookahs to buy. Thus, we shall guide you in this post on how to choose the best hookahs and enjoy hookah smoking. Various factors can help you decide concerning the purchase of the best hookahs. Those factors include hookah origin, material, height, hose options, and price. Without further ado, let us dive into our guide to aid you to find and purchase the best hookahs:

Hookah Origin:

Usually, China manufactures modern hookahs with the presence of companies in the United States. However, conventional hookas have originated from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and other Middle Eastern countries alongside the Mediterranean. Traditionally, hookahs are made via hands, whereas modern hookahs deploy modern techniques for manufacturing. You can differentiate between the two hookahs through their construction, styling, and performance. Modern hookahs are lightweight and generally smaller, and traditional hookahs are the exact opposite. You may choose to buy a high-end modern hookah because they have a better finish. Nevertheless, traditional hookahs of stainless steel are your best deal because of their durability and easy maintenance.          

The Material:

Some hookah experts say that brass hookahs are the best deal because they are heavy and solid. However, hookahs of brass require regular polishing to maintain their lustre and shine. Thus, smokers often choose hookahs as a blend of stainless steel with brass or copper. Hookahs of good quality stainless steel are undoubtedly the best, but few manufacturers use good quality stainless steel.

The Height:

Hookah height is also an important factor to consider when you invest in hookahs. Veteran hookah smokers generally prefer hookahs that are 28 and 32 inches high. They get satisfactory performance from hookahs of such height and handle their hookahs conveniently. Nonetheless, you should opt for a small hookah if you want to use hookah in a camp or for travel. Additionally, if you want to smoke hookah on your outdoor patio, you will need to buy a tall hookah. Please, remember a hookah with a large vase and stem can hold more smoke and produce more on inhaling. However, some small hookahs are also suitable for smoking but are inferior to large hookahs.  

Hose Options:

You may think that hookahs with more hoses are the best hookahs to buy. Hookahs with more hoses are less performing, although they may look appealing to the eyes. The more hoses in hookahs make hookah smoking more difficult and also lower down the performance of hookahs. It is difficult for smokers to get enough suction to pull the smoke out of hookahs with more hoses. However, conventional multiple hookahs with rubber stoppers assist hookah smokers in transforming hookahs into one-hose hookahs. If you don’t prefer a traditional hookah, mentioned previously; you may buy hookah with a built-in check valve system. 

Hookah Prices:

You can find the best hookahs based on the above discussion and buy your preferred hookah. Nonetheless, hookah prices can also help you determine what to expect from hookahs. Hookahs come for cheap prices, too, yet you cannot expect the best performance out of cheap hookahs. Hookahs that come for more prices are what you should consider as the best. For instance, you can expect decent performance from hookahs that are worth more than $100 than under $30 hookahs. Typically, hookahs of reputable brands are 10 to 15 percent better performing than hookahs without a brand name. Thus, you should expect to pay more to own the best hookahs.


Veteran hookah smokers know how to invest in the best hookahs. However, novice hookah smokers don’t know the way to unearth the best hookahs to buy. Here are five factors that can aid you in finding the best hookahs to enjoy hookah smoking and shisha flavours:

  1. Traditional hookahs are typically superior to modern hookahs.
  2. Hookahs that deploy good quality stainless steel are the best.
  3. Normally, larger hookahs are superior to smaller hookahs.
  4. Hookahs with more hose options lack in performance, in contrast to hookahs with a single hose. 
  5. Lastly, cheap price hookahs are inferior to hookahs that come for more prices alongside reputable brand hookahs. 

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