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The Right Way to Feed Pacman Frogs

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One of the best parts about owning a pet frog is that there are so many options when it comes to feeding your squishy friend. But if you have a Pacman frog, there’s one option in particular that needs to be included in their diet: live bugs! So how do you know what types of bugs are safe to feed your Pacman frog? Let’s go over the best options for Pacman frog food.

Do Your Homework

First off, you need to make sure that whatever bug you’re planning on feeding your frog is digestible. Some insects are too hard for certain frogs’ stomachs to break down. Also, make sure that whatever bugs you feed are appropriate for the frog’s size. For instance, green crickets are one of the best food sources for Pacman frogs–but only when they’re in their nymph stage.

It’s also important to remember which types of food your frog likes and doesn’t like. Pacman frogs are more likely to eat live bugs since they’re hunting animals, but there’s a chance that your little frog won’t know the difference between something alive or dead. Feeding your Pacman frogs meat from certain animals could be dangerous to their health!

So do a little research first and choose Pacman frog food that is safe and healthy for your pet to eat.

What to Feed Them

You can usually find live beetles, crickets, flies, grasshoppers, and worms at your local pet store. But you might also be able to catch bugs outside in your garden or even let mealworms loose in the tank with your frog!

It’s essential that whatever bug you give your frog is appropriately sized for them. Not much bigger, not much smaller–just right. That’s because if the bug is too small, your frog might choke on it. And if it’s too big, the insect might be difficult to swallow and could end up choking your frog instead!

The Right Way to Feed Pacman Frogs

Now that you know the basics of what types of food you can feed your pet, it’s time to review how to prepare the bugs for Pacman frog feeding. This is especially important if you are letting insects loose in your tank with your frog.

Mealworms are quick and easy to prepare because they don’t have any outer shells or legs that need removing. Put the mealworms right into your frog’s tank. Other bugs with shells, legs, or spikes will have to be removed before feeding your frog.

The easiest way to use them for Pacman frog feeding is by freezing them for a few hours. This will remove all of their appendages and allow you to feed the bug to your Pacman frog safely.

Pacman Frogs and Crickets

You have to be extra careful when feeding your frog crickets. Not only do you need to be sure that the crickets are properly sized, but you also have to make sure they’re alive. Remember: no matter what type of bug it is, your frog should only eat something that’s still moving!

If you’re not sure how to make a cricket movie, try touching its antennae. If it’s still alive, the cricket will move away from your touch. If it doesn’t, you can be sure that the cricket is dead and shouldn’t be fed to your Pacman frog.

Don’t just drop it into the tank once you have a live bug ready to feed your frog! Frogs are predators and need to catch their food, just like a domestic cat or dog would. So hold the bug above the tank and wait for your frog to jump up and grab it.

Once you drop it in, make sure to remove any wings from the insect, as these can be a choking hazard for your frog. That’s all there is to preparing an appropriately-sized bug for feeding your Pacman frog!

What Not to Feed Them

After buying exotic pets online in the USA, you must know what not to feed your Pacman frog. There are certain insects out there that are toxic or dangerous for these frogs to ingest. Hemiptera, or true bugs, are one of these types of animals. Insects in the Hemiptera family include assassin bugs, ambush bugs, and stink bugs.

Remember, your Pacman frog eats bugs with softer mouths. So if you see a bug with a hard-looking mouth, don’t feed him to your frog–he won’t be able to swallow it and could choke!

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