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The Requirements for the Spouse Immigration in Canada

Peter Dong

People know Canada as an immigration-friendly country. A person does not have to undergo many hassles if he follows the immigration rules perfectly. Moreover, clean background is essential for a swift and seamless immigration. If your spouse is already a Canadian citizen, getting permanent residency or citizenship will become even easier.

So, what do you require for quick spouse immigration to Canada? In the following section, you can find a guide for spousal immigration to Canada.

Time Required for Spousal Sponsorship

The Canadian immigration department takes around 12 months to process the spousal sponsorship applications. Typically, the process does not take time more than 12 months. However, in some rare cases, it can take more time. The immigration department seeks the related documents of couples.

If there are no issues with the documents, the immigration process will happen quickly. Sometimes, immigration officers do not get satisfied with the documents provided to them. Thus, they seek more documents. Spousal sponsorship gets delayed in such cases.

The Requirements for Spousal Sponsorship

You are eligible to sponsor your spouse if you are a permanent resident of Canada. A person with Canadian citizenship must meet the following criteria.

  • You must be 18 years old for spousal sponsorship.
  • You must be living in Canada after spousal sponsorship.
  • The applicant must have a financial background to take the spouse’s financial responsibilities for three years, at least from the date of spousal sponsorship.

A married person who wants to sponsor a husband or wife must meet the following immigration criteria for spousal sponsorship.

  • An applicant has to submit a relationship document to the immigration office.
  • The marriage certificate is an essential document.
  • Your photos and wedding invitations will be scrutinized.
  • The birth certificate of kids is also an essential document for couples with kids.
  • If you have adopted a kid, you should show the adoption document.

In addition to the documents mentioned above, you need to show the following documents to the immigration officer.

  • A jointly owned property or asset
  • Car insurance with your spouse as nominee
  • Utility bills with names of both husband and wife
  • A joint bank account
  • Copies of the government-issued documents
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The Financial Rules for Spousal Sponsorship in Canada

For the spouse immigration Canada, you need to follow a few financial rules. The person applying for spousal sponsorship should have a steady financial background. In most cases, salaried persons get the application approved quickly.

When you introduce your spouse to Canada, you must ensure that you can provide basic financial assistance to your spouse for at least three years. For this reason, the immigration officers will check your financial background.

Common Reasons for Application Refusal

Spousal sponsorship applications will get reduced when you do not meet the criteria of the application. The applicant has to show a few important documents. If you fail to submit all the essential documents, the application will get refused. If you have poor economic conditions, the officer will turn down the application.People with small-term contractual jobs will also find difficulty in approving spousal sponsorship due to financial reasons.

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