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Signs That Your Windows Need Repair


It isn’t a hard job seeing some windows and knowing that they need repair. However, with glass windows, there are several other signs before the problem appears that glaringly. There are several signs which indicate it’s time for building glass repair service.

While for an expert it is easy to notice the wear and tear; it can’t be the same for others.

So, here are A Few Signs That Will Help You:

There is Water Leakage

If there is water coming through the windows, it is an obvious sign that it needs glass repairing.

Now, with water, it can mould even where it doesn’t belong. But those are a few droplets. If the seal of your window panes isn’t fixed properly, it can cause cracks. This will allow water to seep into your home.

Sometimes water seeps into the walls creating structural damage to the building.

Your Energy Consumption is High

Windows are supposed to insulate homes by preventing loss of heat. But when there are cracks, it can increase your electricity consumption.

Have you noticed a visible increase in energy bills without any reason? Well, your windows might be the one to blame.

To ensure this, touch the glass on a cold day to determine if it is colder than the rest of your house. Another way is to hold a candle near the windows to see if the smoke starts to drift or the flame flickers constantly. If yes, then it is time for professional onsite glass repairing.

The Windows Remain Foggy

Normally windows get foggy once in a while. But if they are not functioning properly, they might be bringing cold air from the outside inside your home. Windows fog up due to gas on them.

If this is happening a lot you can either change the panes or get a glass repair done.

There are A Lot of Bugs Coming into The House

Well, bugs will be a part of your home. They seek shelter and houses are warm and cosy.

But if you are noticing a lot of bugs getting inside, the issues might be because of your window screens.

Bugs get inside mainly through window frames. If they are wooden, they can shrink. If they are made from aluminium or vinyl, they may warp. This can affect the functioning of your window screens.

They are Hard to Open or Close

This is a very obvious sign. If you face a lot of difficulty in opening and closing your windows, they are in dire need of repair. Window panes should move effortlessly and when they don’t, it means there are some aggressive rust or rotting.

You Don’t Feel Warm in Your House

If you find yourself making trips to your cooler or thermostat, it means your house isn’t being comfortable enough.

It can be an issue with a broken thermostat but if it’s working fine, chances are the culprit is your windows. If your windows have cracks and other damages, it cannot prevent cold or warm air from getting inside. This makes for a very uncomfortable temperature in your house.

Scheduling an Appointment

Once you know the signs, it is important to take action immediately. If you can catch the issue when they are minor, it will be cheaper to fix.

Make sure to call a team of experts in onsite glass repairing and glass spraying like ARS Ltd., to provide complete care.


ARS UK LTD is an Essex based building repair and refurbishment company that offers a professional glass repair, on site spraying, industrial spray painting & suspended ceiling repair service in the UK and Ireland.

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