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Protecting Your Home While Your Family is Traveling

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When it comes time to plan the exciting family adventure that you’ve always wanted, you need to think of everything. In addition to packing the right clothes and creating an itinerary of fantastic destinations, you also need to have a plan in place for securing your home while you’re away.

The last thing you need while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime is to worry about your house. Traveling can be challenging enough with the whole family in tow, so take a load off of your back and focus on the good times with these tips for ultimate home security.

Be Proactive About Security

Though you’ll likely be excited about your trip, refrain from telling everyone in the world about it on social media. Tell your family and close friends if you have to, but announcing to the world that your home will be empty for an extended period of time is just inviting trouble. Once you return, feel free to share your fantastic pictures on social media.

If you have a couple of neighbors who you know you can trust, you may want to keep them in the loop. Good neighbors can keep an eye on your property and alert the authorities if they see any suspicious activity. 

Part of your security plan should include stopping your mail to prevent the possibility of attracting the attention of criminals via an overstuffed mailbox. Unfortunately, you never know when a random package will show up at the front door. You don’t want it sitting there for multiple days. A good neighbor can pick up the package and keep it in their possession until you return. 

Don’t Attract Criminals

Do your part to make your house less attractive to thieves. Start by moving all of your valuable possessions and electronics away from windows so they can’t be seen by prying eyes. Try different entryway storage options to find the one that best works for your family and hides your valuables from visitors or people peeking in your windows.

If you don’t have one already, consider installing a fence around the backyard. Fences are great because they limit how close a criminal can get to your home. This makes it even more difficult to see through your windows. In addition to its security benefits, a fenced-in backyard is also a great way to add value to your home.

Though these are good precautions, it’s a good idea to simulate a human presence so no one gets the idea that you aren’t home in the first place. One way to do this is by putting timers on your lights in a strategic fashion so that it appears that people are living in the house at all times. That might mean having your bedroom lights turned on when you would typically go to bed and having living room lights activated in the afternoon when it is assumed that you would be home from work.

If you are out of town for so long that your grass grows out of control, you’re basically advertising the fact that you’re not at home. Many criminals will look for small signs like this when pinpointing potential targets. To avoid this scenario, consider hiring one of those neighbors you trust to cut your grass once per week. In the winter, hire someone to remove snow. Not only will your home remain presentable, but by having someone around every once in a while, all will appear normal and criminals won’t give your home a second glance.

Technology to the Rescue

If you’re taking a long-term vacation and want to be worry-free without burdening the neighbors for months, turn to technology for all of your security needs. Many smart devices on the market can keep the house secure and inform you if there is any suspicious activity. As a start, you can invest in a smart doorbell that will send an alert to your phone if someone approaches. The best models have a camera attached so you can see and speak to the visitor even if you are hundreds of miles away.

You can pair the doorbell with a smart lock on your front door. If you’ve ever taken a trip and wondered halfway if you remembered to lock the front door, a smart lock is the best option because you can engage it from anywhere. You can also disengage the lock if a neighbor happens to come over to check on pets or the home in general. Also, when you have a smart lock, you no longer need a key as you can unlock the door with your phone. This solution provides ultimate security while you’re away.

If you’re planning a longer trip or you take vacations often, you’ll want to invest in security cameras. At least a few of your cameras should be placed outside of your home in clearly visible places because sometimes, just the threat of being caught can be enough to keep potential criminals at bay. When looking for a good security camera, search for one that has motion sensors so that every time there is movement around your home, the device automatically starts filming. If a crime is committed while you’re gone, bring the camera footage to the police once you return home.


After the time and money spent on planning epic vacations for your family, you deserve a chance to relax and have fun without unneeded stress. Use the tactics discussed here and have ultimate confidence that your home is secure.

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