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How to get free Robux from Microsoft website?

James Boss

People all over the world are crazy about Roblox and its games. But to make it more exquisite and buy premium items, they need Robux. Most people do not want to spend real cash for in-game currency and look for other ways to get it for free. Visiting scam websites and fraudulent sources can harm your device in many ways. To save you from any reckless action, we have a Microsoft website that gets free Robux. Read further to know more Microsoft Redeem Code.

What are Microsoft rewards?

It is the latest feature of Microsoft where you can perform any task and earn points. These points get redeemed as Robux. Unfortunately, this offer is valid for people of the United States only. You have to sign up on the Microsoft rewards webpage and click the start earning rewards option.
 There are a different number of points for each task. All of them mentioned on the website like doing searches on Bing, getting five points each on
You can save and track the progress from the rewards tab. In the end, you
get to purchase items from the online Microsoft Store.
 The rewards to enjoy from these points are:
 Some digital promocodes from Roblox can give free Robux.
 Sweepstakes!! A lucky chance to win your dream Gaming console from the Xbox series, surface pro by Bundle, and many other exciting gifts.
 Xbox cards are present to give you access to Live and passes for Games.
 Gift cards that you can use to buy donuts, Starbucks, Taci, and many other
items from your favorite brands.

How to get free Robux from Microsoft website?

The first thing to note is that this offer is applicable fir citizens of the United
States only. You do not need to be a new user and, an old account can get used.
We have provided a step by step guide for you to follow and start earning:

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 First of all, make sure your device has an internet connection.
 Then go to the Microsoft Rewards official webpage through your browser.
 You can log in to your existing Microsoft account or make a new one by
signing up.
 After that, you will see various options of tasks to perform that can earn
you free points.
 Complete those functions and start collecting points.
 Now open the redeem webpage to cash out these points.
 The minimum amount to start redemption is 1500 and, you shall have
points in its multiple like 3000,4500,6000 for hassles free exchange.
 Now select the number of Robux you wish to get and confirm.
 Your free Robux will get sent as a gift card through email.
 Now visit the official Roblox website and log in using your username and
 Then go to the redeem page from the menu.
 Enter the pin of the gift card provided by the email.
 Go back to the homepage and check if your Robux number has increased or not.

How many Robux can get exchanged for a particular amount of points?

Here is a list that will give you in-depth knowledge of the value of 1 point gained
by performing tasks. The minimum tier amount is 1500 points and, you can
calculate according to yo that. The value of points concerning Robux is:
 1,500 points = 100 Robux
 3,000 points = 200 Robux
 6,000 points = 400 Robux
 12,000 points = 800 Robux
 16,000 points = 1,000 Robux
You may think that this is a large sum of points. But, if you look at the offers
details, you will find that anyone can reach these milestones with consistency.The rewards are worth the trouble

How to Earn Microsoft Rewards for free Robux?

These are some simple actions you can make each day to reach your goal soon and gain enough points for redemption.
 Set a daily goal of completing particular activities from the given menu on
Microsoft rewards.
 Try to complete all the tasks in the “More activities” option.
 Go for quests and try to punch more cards because they have more value.
 Perform all searches on because you gain five points for each.
 Confirm your Microsoft account before performing any tasks to make sure
you get all the benefits.
 Completing your set goal every day will help you reach the 1500 points
benchmark easily.

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