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Is It Bad For You To Use A Hookah Pen?

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When asked questions about e-cigarettes, many people overreact and exaggerate. Recently, a number of people have had an unpleasant experience after using hookah pen sparking a global ban on e-cigs. Hookah pen can help smokers quit smoking, so a response like that is not wise.

Using approved liquids with an hookah pen is much safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Moreover, research has estimated that e-cigs are 95 percent less hazardous than tobacco cigarettes. Despite its addictive properties, nicotine (found in e-cigs and tobacco) is not a carcinogen. Even though e-cigs do not contain chemicals such as tar or carbon monoxide, they are not completely harmless. If you choose to smoke, using tobacco-free or electronic cigarettes is the best option for your health.

Studies have shown that nic-free e-cigs, also known as hookah pens, do not contain any harmful substances and are thus completely safe.

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Risks caused by e-cigs

The claim that e-cigs were 15 times more carcinogenic than tobacco was reported in many newspapers in 2015. This is obviously incorrect. Using these kinds of false messages and panic tactics is morally wrong. As a result of such messages, Many concerned that people who stopped smoking tobacco are now picking up the smoking habit again. However, increasing their health risks.

People who have never smoked tobacco may buy e-cigs with nicotine, mainly young people. This is a great concern, since they can be purchased by those with no smoking history. It is not a good idea to start usinge-cigs if you are not already addicted to nicotine and tobacco. Thankfully, offer non-nic ehookah pen seeing as they do not contain nicotine and therefore will not cause addiction or harm the user.

E-cigs users may be more likely to smoke tobacco when they start using them. Also, e-cigs cannot be banned altogether, but they should also not be unregulated. A better enforcement of the laws is the solution. For e-cigs and tobacco, the age limit is already 18 years. The age limit cannot be crossed by minors with proper compliance.

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Hookah pen tastes like candy and fruit

What do you think about hookah pen liquids with flavors other than tobacco? Not at all. Young people are attracted to the sweet and fruity flavors of hookah pen. Moreover, they also make quitting smoking easier for those who wish to do so since sugar and fruit make the taste of tobacco less noticeable. In addition, many prefer that youngsters who try hookah pens experience sweets or fruit instead of becoming familiar with the taste of tobacco.

Reports which are misleading and incorrect about e-cigs create a distraction from the real issue, which is tobacco products. Smoking is responsible for 1,300 deaths per day in America, and 15 percent of American adults smoke. About one in five deaths occur due to that, which is over 480,000 deaths per year. Informing the public about e-cigs and Hookahs is the first step to solving this major public health concern, along with basing policies on scientific proof instead of gut feeling.

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