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Inkjet Label Printers

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Inkjet Label Printers

DuraFast Label Printers Company sells an assortment of shading inkjet mark printers. Nonetheless, picking a shading inkjet name printer additionally requires a comprehension of the inks and inkjet advancements used to guarantee that you select the right kind of inkjet name printer for your particular necessities. The two kinds of inks are color based inks and shade based inks. This is what you really want to be familiar with these various sorts of inkjet mark printers and how they are utilized by organizations to deliver proficient shading names.

Dye-Based Inkjet Label Printers

Color based inkjet mark printers like the Primera LX900, Primera LX500, or Afinia L801 are known for their lively tones. Shading mark printers utilizing color based inks can create beautiful full shading names with proficient print quality. The tones are more splendid and more energetic than color inks, and the blacks they produce are a more profound dark. Color based inkjet mark printers likewise work pleasantly with most name substrates including gleaming engineered names. Most shade based inkjet mark printers can’t print on gleaming media. The one exemption is the Epson TM-C7500G.

A portion of the more famous color based inkjet name printers we sell are:

Primera LX900
Primera LX500
Afinia L801 Memjet
VIPColor VP485
Epson TM-C7500G (gleam) name printer – This printer utilizes altered shade inks to print lustrous item mark. The inks are intended to be utilized with mark media that is viable with color based inks.
Color based inkjet mark printers produce shocking full shading names. Nonetheless, the color based inks can blur over the long haul, particularly when presented to UV light.

Customary color based name printers use ink cartridges that are put in a print head that moves to and fro across the media.

Memjet Technology — The Fastest Dye-Based Inkjet Label Printers

Memjet-fueled name printers likewise use color based inks to create energetic full shading names. Memjet inkjet innovation draws from enormous ink tanks and uses a huge, fixed print head to print full shading marks in a solitary pass. This fixed Memjet print head brings about fundamentally quicker full shading name printing with a print speed of 60 feet each moment and 1600 dpi print goal.

Well known Memjet inkjet name printers include:

Afinia L801Memjet name printer – the top-selling Memjet inkjet name printer
Vortex 850R, TrojanLabel Trojan 2 and Trojan 3

Pigment-Based Inkjet Label Printers

Shade based inkjet mark printers are intended for clients expecting to print more solid shading names, including GHS BS5609-consistent names.

Shade inks are not so lively as color based inks and they for the most part can’t be utilized with gleaming media. Notwithstanding, color inks produce names that are undeniably more sturdy when utilized with viable name media. The shade based inks dry immediately, so smirching and spreading are not an issue. Shade inks oppose blurring. While utilizing DuraFast Chemical marks and an agreeable GHS tone inkjet name printer with shade inks, you can deliver GHS BS5609-guaranteed name media. The subsequent names can endure synthetics, long haul submersion in saltwater, and openness UV light.

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