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Top Ideas: How to Promote your Business through Ebook

Syed Fahad Ahmed

Remember the old times when handheld reading devices weren’t a thing? You had to buy a physical book from a book store every time you felt like reading a new one. After that, you also had to find space to store it. If your bookshelf was already full, then came the highly stressful process of getting rid of some of your previous reads.

It’s no wonder so many readers have now switched from books to ebooks as the latter is certainly the future!

So, what are ebooks?

Digital books that you can open on your smartphone, tablet, and even your laptop. Also, since they don’t take up physical space, one device can store multiple ebooks. Do you carry a smartphone or tablet? Fill yours to the brim with as many books as you like. Then, if you feel like removing a book you have already read, you can delete it from your device. Simple!

Since 2000, ebooks have become regarded as more convenient compared to traditional paperback/hardback books. But is that all they are good for? While ebooks are an excellent digital alternative, they remain underrated as a marketing tool.

Content marketing involves the promotion of a business through blogs, articles, and other written mediums. Usually, creative writing experts are hired to provide these services since they know how to craft content that promotes. However, blogs and articles aren’t the only ways of doing that. These days many companies and marketers are using ebooks to make that happen.

You’ll probably want to know how good of a promotional tool ebooks can be for businesses. We’ve got you covered. Check out just a few of the uses you can get out of a well-written ebook:

  • Targeted lead generation
  • Driving traffic to your website via inbound and outbound links
  • Improving customer engagement
  • Helping you build a better connection with your target audience

How to use Ebooks for Business Promotion?

While ebook marketing is a very effective marketing method, knowing how to do it correctly can help you get better results. Here’s how you should use ebooks to promote your business:

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1. Promote Your Ebook

To promote your business through an ebook, you have to promote your ebook first. Therefore, you’ll need the help of a professional ebook writer and a creative marketing strategy to distribute it among your target audience. You don’t want your book to go into the hands of people who don’t care about your product or service. Therefore, it is essential you identify your target audience and plan a promotional strategy accordingly.

Here are some ways for marketing your ebook:

· Email Marketing:

Send it to customers who have subscribed to your newsletter. Customers who care enough for your business to drop their email on your website would appreciate getting a free book. What about your potential customers standing on the brink of conversion? Apply this technique to cinch the deal!

· Social Media Marketing:

There are over 4.66 billion active social media users in the world right now.

That figure shows just how massive social media is and how it can help in business promotion. For example, you can make a page and add your ebook to your bio there. Link it to where would-be readers can buy it, and those interested in it will follow and check it out. The upside to marketing on social media is that it’s primarily free– unless you’re opting for paid ads.

2. Use the “How To” niche

Many internet surfers use the “How to/do” keyword to search for solutions to their problems. So why can’t you choose it as the title of your ebook? That way, you can attract your target audience to your ebook and your product/service. Pitching solutions via ebooks can generate more sales and viewership. Titles that begin with How To… are more likely to catch the readers’ attention.

For example, if you are promoting low-fat milk, your ebook title could be:

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“How to live a healthier life?”

As creative writing experts would advise, begin the ebook with an informative approach, but ultimately, use it to promote your product.

3. Write Informative Ebooks

Use your ebooks for their original purpose, i.e., providing knowledge to readers. However, in your case, the information will either directly or indirectly target the product/service you are marketing.

Informative ebooks have one main purpose, i.e., to help your target audience understand how your product/service can solve their problem.

Besides that, ebook marketing can also be great for businesses whose products/services reflect a vision or a cause. For example, an NGO running a campaign to raise funds for a tree replantation project can leverage ebooks to collect donations. In their case, they can write an informative ebook to educate viewers about the cause’s importance and implementation. The addition of various statistics and facts will strengthen their argument. Then, after they have explained the cause, they can ask for funds in its support.

4. Write Detailed Software Tutorials

If you are running an IT business and marketing-related products or services, providing your target audience with software tutorials is a great way to convert their interest into sales. Software is usually designed to provide effective and efficient digital solutions to customers’ problems. 

Tutorials in the form of ebooks can show how your product works. In other words, you’re giving your target audience an idea of how your product will solve their problem. If your software tutorials impress your target audience, you can convert their interest into sales organically.

For example, if your company is marketing VPN software, you can write a tutorial that shows how it works and how seamless its application is. Most audiences will opt to invest in it if you can ensure them your software comes with better UX.

5. Write a “Life Hacks” Book

We all want our daily tasks to be a little easier and convenient. So, for example, if you don’t like cutting vegetables, you’ll look for tips and tricks to make that chore easier. Likewise, you can pitch various tips and tricks in your ebook that lower how much input your target customers must put in to use your product/service.

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In addition, hacks that produce speedier or better results would also be a great subject for an ebook. Attract more clients by using this effective marketing technique.

6. Write an Ebook that Targets a Goal

Let’s say that you have a goal in your life. For example, you might want to lose weight, get in shape, land a high-paying job, score well in studies, or establish a profitable business. Of course, people around the world have similar goals and objectives. Often, they search for methods to achieve said goals.

Design your ebook to pitch such methods. The chances are that it’ll attract your target audience. You can also market your product within the content while explaining how to reach a specific objective. After all, that is your primary purpose behind writing the book.

For example, it’d be easy to weave in content about dietary supplements in an ebook that pitches an effective weight loss technique. That way, you can promote your supplements as stimulants for more efficient weight loss through your book. A promotional ebook can help you attract target customers. However, to do so effectively, you’ll need the services of a professional ebook writer. A well-formatted book written in an engaging tone can do wonders for most products and services!

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