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How to Clean Sandwich Maker for its Best Performance

Jelly Shah

To keep your sandwich maker working at its best performance level you must keep the cast-iron surfaces clean. This article will bring you daily, weekly, and periodic maintenance tips. These tips are required to keep your grill surface working in its best performance. Also, this will help to keep the kitchen appearance neat and clean.

First before working on your grill please unplug, it from the power. Your griller remains exponentially furnished with a stainless-steel scraper that uniquely fits the grooves of the griddle surfaces.

Steps to Clean Sandwich Maker

Scrape up the surface

So, during the day it is advised to scrape the surfaces periodically. As food residue builds up, scrape the top surface first, and then scrape the bottom surface later. Then start cleaning into the drip tray and at the front of the unit.

This procedure will go a long way to keeping your grill clean. At the end of the day while your panini grill is still warm, use a very brisk brush to scrape the top and bottom surfaces. 

Apply Solution with Brush

Use a stiff wire brush that you have in your kitchen for other purposes. Start cleaning the top plate first and the bottom plate into the drip tray. Now occasionally on a weekly basis, you should be using either pickle juice or white vinegar to remove any built-up carbon to clean sandwich maker. So, you may pour white vinegar or pickle juice into a small container and just apply it with a brush or with a cloth to the surface.

Apply it liberally when the panini grill is warm and you may also remove the spring cover and apply it to that area too. Let the unit sit with the vinegar or the pickle juice for 30 minutes.

Then once again use your brisk brush to scrape it off on a daily basis. Also, make sure to clean the sides and front with soap and water along with the handle and the exterior of the lid surface.

Wipe Up any Residue

Wipe any residue of food or excess grease carefully off so, it doesn’t build up. Also, empty the drip tray in an appropriate container. How do you know if you have carbon build-up? Well, first you will notice black shiny flakes coming off the grill surfaces.

Remember that the cast iron is greyish in color not black, also you will notice that the grooves look as if they are starting to disappear. In addition, your cook times will be increasing for your food products and sandwiches. Finally, your temperature ends up being set higher than it normally would be.

Remove Heavy Carbon Build Up

Lastly, the unit will be cycling on and off with all lights going out for long periods of time. All of these are signs of carbon build-up. If carbon has built up you will need to use a carbon remover to remove the heavy build-up. First, make sure your sandwich maker is unplugged and the unit should be cold when this application is applied. Remove the spring cover, so that you make it clear at the rear of the bottom grill surface.

When you apply the carbon off work or other commercial degreasers use protective gloves and eyewear when using any degreasing solution. For best results, you may need to apply the carbon of more than one application. Please remove your drip tray also before you apply your carbon off, the carbon off should be applied thoroughly to the top and bottom surfaces.   

It is necessary to let the carbon off sit anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes to loosen up the carbon build-up. At the end of the period take your wire brush and scrub carefully the top and bottom surfaces with the wire brush. If the carbon is build-up excessively you may have to use more than one application of the decreasing solution.

In some cases, it may be necessary to leave the degrees and solution on the griller surface of the sandwich maker overnight. The carbon off has or degreasing solution has settled on the grill and softened up the carbon build-up.

Use your stiff wire brush to scrub the surfaces again starting with the top. Scrubbing them down onto the bottom plate and then from the bottom plate of your grill surface. 

Clean With Liquid Soap

Clean your grill with soap and running water inside the sink thoroughly. After drying re-season the grill with oil in accordance with the procedures that are in the instruction manual. Now you are ready to go again for using your sandwich maker at maximum best performance.

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