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How to Amp Up Your Kitchen Corner Storage?

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Most of our kitchens have at least one corner cabinets. They indeed provide a lot of storage space but people find it difficult to tackle because of its low visibility and limited access. And reaching out to the end of the cabinet would invariably mean a sprain or strain in your neck or back.

But here are a few tricks that will help you deal with the obstacles.

A Corner Pantry

These are tricky with fixed shelves, and visibility and access will be a problem. For pantries like these, lazy Susan is a simple and pocket-friendly solution, and containers can be used on either side. Some designers may ask you to install tall centre polls but pole-less lazy Susans can also be a good option as they remain attached to the sides of the cabinet.

A Base Corner Cabinet

Most kitchens have these display counters and the storage options in these are wide. Not only has these budget constraints but also pros and cons. Here are some options that can make your kitchen space more accessible.

The lazy Susan: There are so many types of lazy Susan, and some can be fit-ed into existing cabinetry and are of so much help if you are not looking forward to a complete renovation.

Lazy Susans come in a range of materials like stainless steel, wire, plastic, or solid trays and with different features too. You can also go for an attached/hinged door. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen completely, try to make the most use of the available space. While you choose storage accessories, check the type. Some lazy Susans can be installed before the worktops are set. So choose them carefully, as fitting later will become difficult.

The corner drawer: You can have great access to these flexible (in terms of features and size) corner drawers. But most, do not use all the space and can be a bit on a pricey note. These are a good choice when looking for full renovations, rather than converting existing spaces.

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The blind corner cabinets: These glass display counters are rectangular with only one door, and have the most limited access, and require slide-out mechanisms. Some even choose to keep the back part closed completely and put up other pull-out methods, drawers, or shelves.

If you already have a blind corner that you find difficult to get access to. Use some type of moving corner system. Check the specifications and plan accordingly as it may be able to solve your access problems for an otherwise good kitchen space.

But before you buy a piece do have a look if it is a right fit for your space. Since these have limited warranties and are pricey.

You can also opt for half lazy Susans which is a pocket-friendly version and are available in various styles and options to choose from depending on your budget.

When you are planning to get moving corner systems installed. Always keep in mind that your mind needs to make some adjustments sometime in the future. And if you are not comfortable making these changes yourself. Ask your expert if he is ready to make some changes.

Corners Above-Worktop

The dual-access corner cabinets provide you with great access and make your cleaning easier. It’s also a good solution to hide the bulky kitchen appliances which you do not want to showcase on the fore.

The double-sided glass display cabinets create additional storage with proper lighting from both sides. On this, you can display your fancy crockery and cutlery, fancy kitchen pieces, or cookbooks.

Glass Cabinets Direct

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