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Hit It Out of the Park: 8 Golf Swing Drills

Hussain Ali

Did you know that there are an estimated 60 million golfers worldwide and over 24 million in the US?

Golf’s popularity is massive and continues to grow year after year. Of course, it’s much more fun if you know how to play and win.

If you’re struggling with your golf game, it’s most likely due to a poor swing. But have no fear! This brief guide will go over 8 golf swing drills for lower scores. Read on if you’re ready to improve your game.

1. Halfway Back Drill

Position yourself so that your backside barely touches a wall. Raise your club halfway back and it should touch the wall at head height. This will help correct your path to the ball.

2. Aiming Drill

This helpful drill reduces slices and hooks. You will need two clubs and one ball for this drill.

Take a normal stance and drop the ball at your feet with the second club lined up with the tips of your feet. Step back and see if the second club is pointing at your target and adjust your stance accordingly.

3. Delay Drill

Take a normal stance and start your swing. Stop at the top of your swing, count to three, and then finish. This will help your body and your swing move together fluidly.

4. Single Leg Swing Drill

This drill improves the speed and power of your swing. Line the ball up with your leading leg and pull back your trail leg so your toe is on the ground. The more you practice the more your leg will straighten.

This will increase swing speed and ultimately distance. Use a rangefinder to help track progress. Compare Pro NX7 vs NX9 to decide which is best for you. This drill can also improve your golf swing grip.

This is also a good drill to simultaneously work on your right elbow golf swing. Make sure the distance between your elbows remains consistent at the top of your swing.

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5. High Dime Drill

Place a dime on the tee and take a swing. The higher the coin goes will determine how well you’re making contact.

6. Water Bottle Drill

Place a water bottle about 12 inches in front of your lead foot. Correct your swing so that you don’t contact the bottle. This will reduce slicing.

7. Upside Down Drill

Hold the club upside down by the head. Listen for the whooshing sound and figure out at which point it’s happening. If it’s happening before the ball, it’s most likely because you’re releasing your wrist hinge too early.

The longer you delay the whooshing sound, the better your distance will be.

8. Three Footer Drill

This putting drill improves your chances on the green. Set up three feet away from a hole and putt in as many shots in a row as you possibly can. Work towards being able to make 10 putts in a row from the 3 feet range.

This is a good drill to practice if you’re at home or anywhere with limited space.

Ready to Practice Golf Swing Drills?

Now you know how to practice these golf swing drills and start improving your long and short game immediately. The next step will be to get out there and win!

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