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Health Benefits of Gardening

Sheikh Farooq

Health benefits of gardening is great for the body and the mind. It gets you out in the fresh air, gives you time to think, exercise, socialize with friends and neighbours, smell beautiful aromas (herbs especially), grow your own food, watch the miracle of growth occurring before your eyes (courgettes turning into marrows! Tomatoes into lardoons!), and get your hands dirty. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

While the mental benefits of gardening are universally known, some people may not realise just how beneficial a bit of fresh air and greenery can be for your physical wellbeing too. Some studies have shown that gardeners have lower blood pressure and less stress than people who don’t garden. Thanks to the sunlight, fresh air and vitamin D that comes with it, they also have a lower rate of skin cancer.

For example, did you know that people who garden every day have less depression than those who do not? Gardening improves physical endurance because the repetitive motions associated with planting seeds and pulling weeds strengthen your muscles over time. It also reduces stress by giving you something positive to focus on through all seasons of the year including winter.

Since studies show that exercise is crucial for maintaining good brain function later in life, this comes as no surprise. Once again, as with almost any activity, it is recommended that you start out gradually and build up your endurance.

13 Health Benfits of Gardening

Health Benefits of Gardening
Health Benefits of Gardening

Gardening Helps Improve Mental Health

There are a number of reasons why gardening is good for mental health, including stress reduction, expression of creativity, improved mood, and increased energy. The smell of earth has been shown to have a positive effect on the brain. In fact, one study found that smelling salts containing earth-like scents could ease anxiety about impending dental procedures.

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Gardening also provides a creative outlet that has been reported to be therapeutic in the treatment of diseases such as cancer.

Gardening Can Slow Cognitive Decline

Research shows that moderate exercise such as gardening can help slow cognitive decline in older adults. Not only does this reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, but it can also improve memory and reduce stress.

Gardens Help Create a Sense of Community

The beauty of planting a garden is that you will have a ready-made audience. Not only will your plants create an attractive setting for picnics and other events, but they can help to unite people in a neighborhood or community. In fact, research has shown that even just viewing images of nature can decrease anxiety and promote feelings of serenity.

Gardening Is Good for Children Too

There are lots of health benefits of grdening with kids, from teaching them about science to building muscle dexterity. Gardening also helps enhance their mental health and cognitive abilities by giving them a creative outlet.

Improved hand-eye coordination

No matter how old you are or what physical abilities you, gardening offers an array of benefits. One of those benefits is improved hand-eye coordination, helping you to better multi-task and focus on a task at hand.

It helps you to clear your mind and relax

We live in an age where our minds are constantly occupied with work, family, relationships, bills etc. etc. Getting some ‘you’ time is essential for maintaining mental health and preventing stress-related illnesses such as depression. Spending time in nature has been scientifically proven to help people relax and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Improved physical health

Gardening can help you improve your general fitness as well as aiding specific ailments such as arthritis, asthma and chronic pain/injuries. The precise way in which it improves the body’s overall health varies from person to person but among the most common ways are:

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Weight Management –

It has been proven by medical studies that people who regularly exercise outside tend to have a lower BMI compared to those who workout indoors for instance at a gym or home using machines etc. This is because exercising outdoors exposes you to sunlight and fresh air whilst simultaneously getting your heart pumping which burns calories and increases your metabolism.

Improved Bone Health –

Gardening is one of the few exercises where you can strengthen your bones without putting too much weight on them. This benefit particularly makes it ideal for people suffering from osteoporosis or arthritis.

Increased Energy Levels –

Just as exercise boosts energy levels, so does spending time in nature, including gardening because time spent outdoors means exposure to natural light which has been shown to improve moods and increase energy levels by up to 10% compared with man-made sources of light such as fluorescent lighting etc.

Gardening gives you that opportunity, allowing you to take a break from life’s daily stresses by immersing yourself in something new every day.

Reduced Stress/Improved Mood

Spending time outside in a garden or park can help reduce stress levels, aid mental health and promote feelings of relaxation and happiness .  Many studies have been done on the effects of nature on mental health. One from Cardiff University showed that spending time in a natural environment has a beneficial impact on self-esteem, anxiety and depression levels compared with no exposure to nature or simply looking at images of nature.

In one case, a hospital in UK allowed patients recovering from surgery to have access to a garden rather than being confined indoors which resulted in better patient rates of recovery and lower levels of stress.

Improved Social Interaction

As well as reducing stress and improving your moods, gardening also helps you meet new people! It’s an excellent hobby for socializing because unlike other sports like running for instance where participants are usually focused on their own performance, gardening is all about working together to make the garden look great. This means that more people will want to get involved and improve your social circle!

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Improved Physical Ability/Flexibility

Gardening requires you to be active and constantly on the move and this ensures that every part of the body is active, including muscles and joints which helps improve flexibility and strength. You don’t need to join a gym or spend money on machines because just using your hands is enough to provide your body with all the exercise it needs for an improved physique (you might also enjoy some yoga).

And unlike conventional exercises like running, gardening doesn’t put too much strain on bones or tendons over time so there’s no risk of becoming injured either.

These are some of the Health Benfits of Gardening. Hope, this will will help you.

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