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Gas Pocket Bikes – Ideal or Not?

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For kids who are fun and adventure-loving gas pocket bikes are one of the best choices. This is probably the best thing you can give to kids for them to develop the essential riding skills and the necessary knowledge of balance while riding. Pocket bikes are the best options that couple together – fun, entertainment, learning, adventure and are budget-friendly as well. Pocket bikes are the most economical and fruitful option for your kids. 

Pocket bikes are usually of two categories – electric and gas. Both of them have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Often most parents are confused about which one is good for their kids – gas or electric?

Well if you too want a great pocket bike for your kid and are yet confused, here is some insight into both the categories that may make your choice easier:-

Gas Pocket Bikes 

As the name suggests, gas pocket bikes run on gas and they do not need any fuel like petrol or diesel to run. They run on gas. Now the gas needed to run these pocket bikes are the normal one you get at the gas station – no rocket science needed. Gas pocket bikes have everything good in them except for one fact – their legal acceptance. Their legality is still a big question mark. However, that hardly affects their sale. The recent trends are quite good and hopefully, their sale will keep on growing in the future.

Electric Pocket Bikes

Electric pocket bikes are powered by electricity as the name suggests. Most of the big companies are into the production of electric bikes. Electric bikes are more popular than gas bikes and of course an older version. It has been existing since 1895. 

Now let us dive a bit more into the details and compare both types of bikes on various parameters. 

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When it comes to money, gas pocket bikes are more expensive than electric bikes. But this is justified based on the many features that are present in gas pocket bikes but absent in electric bikes. Gas pocket bikes are also more aggressive, loud, and agile since they are specially designed for kids and young adults. Gas pocket bikes usually last longer than electric bikes and have a robust shelf life. The only criteria are that one has to handle the gas bikes with care

Noise Generated

Gas bikes are louder than electric bikes. They produce much more noise than electric bikes. So if you are rising a gas bike with full power, be sure that everyone around will get to know that. Gas bikes run on gas engines and hence the sound produced far exceeds the general noise level of any motorcycle. So, you neighborhood people can basically slam you for creating unnecessary noise when using a gas bike. But what is even better is that kids love riding gas bikes. Because when that noise is generated they feel on top of the world. So next time you hear any gas bike noise from the road, it could be simply a kid enjoying his ride on his new minibike. The electric ones generate less noise so they are more convenient to use. They don’t usually generate any buzzing noise. So if you love peaceful bike riding, electric bikes are for you.


Gas bikes are powerful and fast. They are strong and agile and have more strength than electric bikes. Electric bikes run in cells or batteries and therefore they are not as powerful as gas bikes. Initially, when the electric bike batteries have full charge in them, they can pick up high speed but when the charge diminishes the speed also goes down. So electric bikes are a bit unreliable when it comes to maintaining a constant speed. When it comes to gas bikes, this ain’t the problem. Gas bikes help in maintaining an almost constant speed for the entire time until there is fuel. So, gas bikes are better in this case3.

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It is a common mindset to look for bikes that require the least maintenance. In this case, electric bikes perform better than gas bikes. Electric bikes require very low maintenance. They have the superior built quality and therefore one needs very less repair and maintenance to keep them in good condition for a long time. Gas bikes on the other hand need maintenance and care to keep them in working condition for a long time. 

Final Words

Gas bikes have been the predecessors of electric bikes and have been long prevalent in the market. They work amazingly well but it is just the shift of technology that has caused the advent of electric bikes. Gas pocket bikes need plenty of counter components to keep them working in a proper condition for a long time. So, which bike are you getting next?

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