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4 Basic Garage Door Problems In Cold Weather & Their Perfect Solutions

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As a homeowner, you often think that the garage door has a very simple function to perform and that is to slide open and close with just a click of a button and that is why you take it for granted, right? In fact, there is a lot more going on just to open and close the garage door. It turns out to be very complex when it malfunctions and you try to fix it yourself. In some cases when your garage door unexpectedly stops working properly, the cause of the problem is usually pretty straightforward to understand, and the solution is fairly easy. Sometimes it is just weather. For instance, garage door problems in cold weather have just become a norm especially in colder areas such as Youngstown Oh. But you can solve some simple garage door issues by following the tips given below.

Garage Door Opener Not Working The Way It Should

When you press the wall switch that operates the garage door opener and nothing happens, it may be due to one of the following problems:

  • Opening motor disconnected
  • The door is locked in a position
  • Circuit breakers are tripping

If the door is unlocked and the motor is plugged in, the circuit breaker may trip or a fuse may have blown. Chances are, you won’t be able to turn on lights or other electrical devices in the garage if this is the case. To resolve this problem, try resetting the circuit breaker.

If the problem is not the circuit breaker, check whether the cable is plugged in or not. Some people unplug the cord from the machine head to save power, so make sure it is secure. The same goes for everything else. Anything that requires power or involves a cable should appear to be fully functional.

A simple explanation of the problem may be that the door is locked. Many garage door switches have usually two buttons, one for opening and closing and the other is for locking purposes. If someone pressed the lock button, intentionally or not, it prevented the door from opening. You can examine it by clicking the lock button.

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The Garage Door Does Not Open Or Close Completely

Your door sinks in half and then gets stuck? A door that does not raise and lower properly as it should be the first sign of a problem. Faulty doors can indicate a problem with the balance of the door, the track itself, the garage door opener, the springs, or something that is preventing the door from opening or closing completely.

Sometimes the reason can be cold, as garage door problems in cold weather are very common as snow prevents the door from opening and closing. You don’t need to check anything under the garage door as it opens or closes.

You should also check all of the door roller bolts and if any are bent, won’t roll, or appear to scratch the track, replace them. Most major home improvement stores will have standard replacement parts available.

Garage Door Sensor Lights Are Off

The security sensors essentially send a beam of light through the ground where the door touches the concrete. Without these sensors or devices, your door could fall on a person or object, causing severe injury, as well as possibly damaging the garage door.

Whatever the reason, if this light beam is interrupted, the opener will not operate and the overhead light will flash. This is an extremely important safety feature, so never try to bypass it. Each sensor will have a bright light if it is connected to the opener.

Different manufacturers use different colored lights, but if one or both sensors are off or flashing, this indicates that the opener should not be used until the problem is corrected. If you cannot fix the sensor problem, you should call the garage door repair in Youngstown OH for help and try not to DIY expensive garage door sensors.

Garage door Is Jam

In this case, check the lubrication of the metal rollers of your garage door. If there is no problem with lubricating the rollers, you should be on the lookout for dirt stuck in the garage door track. If your garage door is closed and it’s not opening anymore, but the opener appears to be working, the usual perpetrator is a disconnection of the door drive arrangement. Here is a small checklist of probable causes:

  • Check that the emergency cord is connected.
  • Make sure the door is not locked.
  • Visually inspect the track and rollers.
  • Confirm that there are no broken parts causing friction.
  • Look for a broken spring or loose wires.
  • Check the garage door for torsion springs.
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Even a small amount of dirt or snow can restrict the movement of the garage door and cause it to jam. To make sure this is not the case, take a rag and clean the tracks properly.

This is it on garage door problems in cold weather. If you are facing any of the issues above and found a solution here, the aim of this content piece is achieved. However, in case you have a different issue you can always hire a professional to help. On Wikifeedz, you can also find a guide on hiring a right garage door company.

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