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Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: Which One Is Better?

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With the business world becoming more and more competitive with time, advertisements play a major role in building awareness, amidst the large pool of competitors you stand between.

Advertisements can build your brand image, by providing information about your products or services to potential clients, and reminding your existing clients about you, so that they stay loyal to your brand and purchase from you, rather than forgetting about you and moving over to your competitors.

In every way, advertising your business can help in expanding your reach across the market. With almost everything has gone online, it’s likely that you’ve taken your business on the Web too. Considering this, we’ll help you know about two best ways in which you can advertise your brand online – Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

While there are several media and platforms where you can advertise yourself, these two are particularly popular and effective, with revolutionizing capabilities.

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Google Ads – What & Why?

Google is a place where everyone comes to solve their queries, or to search for something. There can be no better place to advertise yourself than Google! Advertisers bid to display their ads, products, and services on this search engine giant. Although Google’s PPC pricing model is high, advertisers yet prefer paying the price because they agree that the results achieved out of it are awesome!

Google can help enhance the reach of your brand through banner ads and remarketing. Using the right keywords, and optimizing your ad can increase the visibility of your brand. Furthermore, Google’s AdSense can highlight ads in selected areas of a website, thus grabbing more eyeballs.

Facebook Ads or Google Ads – Which one to choose?

With the benefits of Facebook Ads and Google Ads clearly stated above, there’s no thinking anymore about what all can be achieved out of them. But, if you are to choose only one out of these two, which one would it be? That’s quite a challenging decision, isn’t it? To help you deal with it, we’ll let you know some comparisons between the two, which can make your job easier.

  1. Facebook displays ads as per the user’s interest, while Google does so based on searching specifically for a product/service.
  2. Google focuses on bringing in business or on lead conversion while, Facebook emphasizes on brand advertising.
  3. Facebook has a very low cost per lead with maximum reach, while Google is expensive, although while bringing maximum conversion rate.
  4. Facebook maximizes Business-To-Customer reach, while Google augments Business-To-Business reach.
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Both Facebook and Google can serve to hike your profits and increase sales. They both have proven to be perfect marketing and advertising performers. But, it’s up to you as to which one you choose. Carefully analyze the differences and identify what is more fruitful for your business.

If you aren’t able to come up with a decision, you can always take assistance from an experienced digital marketing company in India, who knows the ins and outs of both search engines and social media. They’ll help you choose the one platform that is most suitable for your business.

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