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Ecommerce SEO checklist: How Product Information impacts SEO

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Ecommerce SEO checklist: How Product Information impacts SEO

How do consumers decide on purchasing products? They read descriptions thoroughly to know how the product serves their purposes. Thus, your product description plays a vital role in affecting the customer experience- one of the biggest SEO factors. High-quality product descriptions enable you to drive more traffic to your store. The higher volume of traffic will result in an increasing number of sales.

Writing a flawless product description is a must. That is why you can assign this task to digital marketing services in Singapore. Professional marketers know about the relationship between product information and SEO. Your product page must contain the essential elements to make it optimized for search engines and your target customers.

Selection of proper keywords for your eCommerce product pages

The placement of the right keywords on the category page and product page is important for an eCommerce SEO campaign. Keywords inform Google and other search engines about the quality of the page. Moreover, they enable potential customers to reach the right product page. A product page without keywords will not be detectable to search engines. That is why your first task for your eCommerce SEO is to publish a product descriptions. Make sure that every page has shown up different keywords. With proper keyword mapping, you can streamline the overall process. Moreover, your product pages should also have relevant keywords.

The best product title ensures better SEO

Words chosen by eCommerce marketers for your product titles have the potentials to influence, engage, and persuade consumers to make a deal. The properly written titles can define the product. Thus, you will find a higher chance of selling your products. On the contrary, no one will buy your product when it is a confusing title without any clarity. 

Based on the type of your eCommerce site, you can add the product title to the page URL. Your potential will first see the title and move on to read the details. Thus, you must write a straightforward description of the product. The title needs to include the brand name, color, and codes.

The product title’s length is also an important consideration. You may also consider it as the meta title. Its length must not be more than 60 characters. Use the main keyword once in the title. 

 Product images adding value to your SEO campaign-

Images have the potentials to make your page’s SEO more effective and valuable. Every image has different alt-text and file names. These elements are customizable to the organic search ranking of the page. The search indexers can pull out more information from them. 

Moreover, your product images are easily sharable. Some socially savvy buyers in your store like to show their purchases to their friends on social platforms. As more than 74% of shoppers use social networking platforms for information, they can make their purchasing decisions.

Some consumers do not like to buy a product from a store when they find no images.

However, large images may affect the loading time, and you will find negative SEO results. That is why you have to be careful while dealing with product images.

Short, attention-grabbing product description for better results

You can add a few sentences and bullet points to the product description part. Try to include keywords while writing the description. Both search engines and customers will interpret the description. The product description gives you a chance of adding content to the page. 

Your description needs to clarify why the product is beneficial to you. The benefits listed on the product page will enable your potential shoppers to visualize your products. There is a higher chance of conversion rate with the best quality description. 

You may also create a long description of the product to add about 300 words to the page. The long description can make the page SEO-friendly. It is a standard rule for eCommerce product pages. However, some products may need less than 250 words for the description. The content composed for the customer will be non-repetitive and relevant.

The description needs to include information, like sizes, measurements, materials, colors, and weight. Based on the type of product, you have to add these details. 

Metadata plays a role in eCommerce SEO

Metadata refers to the short details displayed in the search listings. Thus, it is important to include relevant keywords in the metadata. To ensure SEO-friendly meta description and meta title, keywords must be at the beginning part. While scanning the search results, users can see the words and phrases. In some cases, Google scans the page to identify the most relevant sentence in the description. 

You can now add the best information to your eCommerce webpages. You will find the desired SEO performance. Your web content and product descriptions will attract customers. Make a strategic approach while writing the product description for your eCommerce store.

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