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Does Your Feline Have Bad Breath? Get its Teeth Examined!

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A common oral complaint identified by cat parents in pet kitties is bad breath. When you smell an unpleasant odour in your kitty’s mouth, you shouldn’t brush aside the symptom calling it “not-so-serious”. The foul smell emanating from its tiny mouth may appear relatively harmless; however, your kitty may be suffering from deeper health issues you aren’t aware of. The best way to verify is to take your kitty to the vet.

If you observe a stink in your kit’s mouth, then book an appointment with the vet immediately. Bad breath may be a sign of feline dental disease. The vet will help you understand the gravity of the situation so you can take adequate measures to cure your furball. The best cat insurance covers your kitty for various illnesses and dental complaints as well.

With pet insurance for cats, your kitty can be covered for accidents, illnesses, vet visits, emergencies, and a few other things. Purchase pet health insurance, so you don’t have to shell out your savings when unexpected pet health issues arise. Your kitty needs this support as it has no companion to rely on apart from you. Break the health barriers for your kitty by buying cat insurance.

We share a few probable causes of feline dental problems with the cat parent community through this article.

Periodontal disease

The most common and one of the critical health problems cats suffer from. This plaque containing infectious bacteria hardens into a tarter above and below the gum lines when you don’t pay attention. The trapped bacteria deteriorate the tissues around the teeth in the oral cavity.

How is plaque formed?

Plaque is a layer of bacteria that forms when food debris sticks to the tooth surfaces and accumulates between teeth. Get rid of plaque by brushing your kitty’s teeth regularly. Good oral and dental hygiene is necessary for healthy feline teeth and gums. 

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What is tartar?

The mineral constituents of the kitty’s saliva harden the plaque layer to form dental calculi that attach to its teeth surfaces when you don’t pay attention. This solidified plaque is termed tartar.

What leads to gingivitis?

When the tartar formation digs into the regions below gum lines and spreads the bacterial infection, it is known as gingivitis. Kitty may experience inflammation, redness, and pain in those areas. Prolonged ignorance will aggravate the condition.

Is periodontitis a severe dental condition?

When the bacteria secrete toxic matter below the gum lines, the cat’s immune system releases White Blood Cells and inflammatory substances to fight the pathogens. Unfortunately, because of the battle that ensues, many supporting soft and bony tissues end up impaired in the oral region when you don’t pay attention. This condition is called periodontitis.

Will a root abscess deeply damage my cat’s tooth?

Active gingivitis and periodontitis are indications that the periodontal disease has well established itself in the dental region. The harmful bacteria gradually gain access to the tooth root and deprive it of the essential blood supply, creating havoc in the area. The cat’s immune system tries its best to fight the pathogens, resulting in local pus formation (abscess). This condition affects the feline premolars. You may notice it as swelling beneath the kitty’s eye.

Will my cat lose teeth?

If the disease has deeply affected your feline’s teeth, then they may fall out or need removal. Ask your vet what is the best remedy for your kitty’s eating discomfort and pain.

Any other complications to watch out for?

The bacteria in the infected tooth roots gain access to the bloodstream and circulate further through the body. As a result, it may cause feline organ damage.The best pet insurance for cats helps in managing feline dental complaints. Purchase pet health insurance for your kitty, so it regains normal health with the best medical help in the city. Save money on your cat check-ups, vaccinations, accidental care, illness, and much more with an affordable cat insurance policy.

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