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Disadvantages of Renewable Energy No One Told You About

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Firstly, we would like to declare right away that this article is not intended to discourage people from renewable energy. The only purpose is to spread information that doesn’t get talked about generally. If you ask us, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of renewable energy by a fair margin. However, there are some shortcomings to this day that must become public knowledge too.

Usually, the only disadvantage a lot of us really know is the initial cost of the project. Converting your home or commercial building to renewable energy will be expensive. However, at the core, all this investment is quickly gained back. If you can replace your energy consumption with renewable sources for peak hours, there will be huge cost savings. Additionally, these savings will be in energy bills.

Professional solar installers will of course tell you about these as well as the advantages. So, there are some certain disadvantages associated with renewable forms of energy. Below, we discuss them in detail. Be sure to read till the end:

Renewable Energy May Still be Unreliable

So, the first disadvantage of renewable energy that is still holding it back is reliability. Convention energy sources have become reliable over decades of operation. Renewable sources might still depend on factors like weather, the intensity of sunlight and others. Wind turbines need a lot of wind.

  • Dams that are used for hydropower need a lot of rain water to collect. Flowing water is essential for them to operate.
  • A lot of wind is always the requirement for wind turbines to operate. This is why they may not be ideal in parts of the world where there isn’t a lot of wind blow.
  • Solar panels also need a lot of sun and high intensity sunlight. Solar storage systems are however some of the most efficient renewable energy forms today.

Limited Power Generation Is One of the Biggest Disadvantages of Re-newable Energy

One of the biggest limiting factors for renewable energy today is its mass production of power. Large quantities of power generation are few and far between. Fossil fuel power generation on the other hand can be commercialized very easily in comparison.

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This also has to do with the swollen power needs. Our dependency on power for just about everything has driven generation needs to new levels. For a technology still new, it is still hard to keep up with the demand. This is why fossil fuel energy generation is still more mainstream.

Renewable Energy Is Still Not Very Efficient

Renewable energy forms have still some ways to go in terms of efficiency. Because they are significantly new in the market, they still lack that efficiency level. Also, common knowledge on how to harness renewable energies more efficiently is still hurting the tech.

Take the example of solar energy for example. You need the very best solar panels to capture it efficiently. Manufacturing such high-quality panels takes a lot of costs. This is energy waste that we see with solar power systems is somewhat discouraging as well.

Those Huge Upfront Investments are Disadvantages of Re-newable Energy

Frankly, the whole setup of home solar systems is quite expensive these days. This also has to be somewhat attributed to the fact that this technology is still very new. However, future subsidization from governments and a great push towards it can solve the problem.

Also, many people take relief in the fact that whatever you invest, surely comes back. One of the great advantages of renewable energy for homes especially solar power is that it eliminated energy bills. If you can fully transform your home to solar, the investment will come back. Fast!

Solar Power Takes a Lot of Space to Install

Yes. Solar power for homes or commercial needs does take a lot of space. Since this is the cleanest form of energy that we know today, this is surely one of the great disadvantages of renewable energy. However, if you do have the space required, you can surely take great advantage as well.

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Again, we can’t stress enough about the fact that solar and all renewable forms should be taken up. However, space consideration is kind of huge. Windmills and hydropower also need a lot of space dedication. Sometimes, this can be a problem for people.

Expensive Storage Costs Are Disadvantages of Renewable Energy

Another great limiter is the actual cost of storage for energy as well. This applies to all forms of renewable energy generation. Solar power systems need big batteries. So does windmill energy production and also hydropower. Though not impossible, this adds to the cost.

Also, the most nonrenewable factor in any renewable energy system is power storage. Batteries today are far better than they were some time ago. Still, the cost of batteries and energy storage is something to worry about. Also, batteries will need replacing, albeit their lives are long.

Renewable Energy Still Generates Pollution

Many anti-solar or anti-renewable energy activists argue that it still generates pollution. They are not wrong too. However, the overall pollution factor is far, far less than fossil fuel energy production. Some greenhouse gases are still emitted by even renewable energy generation as well.

That said, we still recommend renewable energy forms like solar and wind turbines for every use. As the technology gets older, costs will come down. Governments need to step in and promote these renewable sources for a better tomorrow. Only together, can we overcome the disadvantages of renewable energy?

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