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Debunking the Most Common Scuba Diving Myths That Exist Today

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Recreational scuba diving is a fun and exciting hobby that can open you up to new friendships and unforgettable experiences. There are around 6 million active scuba divers worldwide, and this number continues to grow as more and more people are venturing out to learn how to dive.

Even with so much love for the activity in the community, there are several myths that make scuba diving seem scary and unsafe. However, if you’re knowledgeable and properly trained, scuba diving is far from dangerous!

Whether you’re an avid diver or you’re just interested in learning more about scuba, we’re here to debunk some common myths you may have heard of. So just keep on reading!

You Can Run Out of Air

Running out of oxygen while underwater sounds like the stuff of nightmares, but it’s really a long-standing myth when it comes to scuba diving.

Yes, you’re going to be relying on an oxygen tank for air while you’re underwater, so you can run out of air, but scuba courses teach you what to do if this situation occurs. Plus, you’ll be with a diving buddy who will be able to supplement the air supply long enough for you to surface.

It’s Extremely Dangerous

As with any type of recreational sport or activity, there are risks that come along with scuba diving. However, if you receive the proper training and follow all the safety and driving rules, scuba diving is not inherently dangerous.

What’s important is that you’re with a group of knowledgable, trusted divers, have the right equipment, and only go diving in safe areas when conditions are favorable.

It’s Claustrophobic

Did you know that being underwater is one of the most relaxing things you can do? Life moves a little slower beneath the sea, which can help some people relax and feel tranquil. If you’re worried about feeling closed-in, you really shouldn’t be!

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You Have to Be Young and Fit to Dive

Anybody can dive; you don’t just have to be young and fit. You just have to have a passion for diving, the right training, and some swimming skills to be able to go on your first adventure.

Open Water Is Scary

Many people fear the unknown, which is why the ocean or open water can seem scary. However, when you’re diving, you’ll be too busy remembering your training and taking in all of the incredible underwater sights to be scared. Just think of how many cool creatures and/or plant life you’ll be witnessing. Time to hit up the wetsuit rentals!

Forget These Myths About Scuba Diving

Chances are you’ve probably heard at least one of these myths about scuba diving. However, now that you’re aware of the truth, you can forget about these myths and continue to learn about and enjoy the wonderful hobby of diving!

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