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How to Create a Blog on WordPress Using Elementor

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You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for a robust website builder with features you can’t afford to overlook. Elementor is the most popular WordPress website builder. Elementor uses drag-and-drop features to make it simple to design and update your WordPress website. Hire a WordPress developer using Elementor that’s free and has a responsive mode. Elementor is the best WordPress page builder for new and experienced developers alike.

-What Are the Benefits of Using Elementor WordPress Page Builder?

There was a time when website building was a daunting process, requiring you to start from the ground up. If you don’t know how to code, you’ll need to assemble a WordPress Website Developer Team of specialists, which will comprise website developers, coders, copywriters, and website managers. Hiring a team of WordPress website developers would undoubtedly be more expensive; moreover, you will have to wait months to see changes on the live website after each update.

Thanks to Elementor, you can now create successful WordPress websites with an all-in-one solution. Elementor gives you a faster updating and building solution, One Thing Design is a WordPress design agency that specializes in simple design yet functional features.

When we talk about WordPress websites, we’re referring to sites built with the free, open-source platform. You may control your WordPress CMS (Content Management System) using a PHP-based panel that connects to a MySQL or MariaDB database. WordPress has features such as a template system and a plugin architecture. When creating websites using WordPress, these are referred to as WordPress themes.

You no longer need to be concerned about whether or not you are familiar with website development since Elementor allows you to create interesting websites. The Elementor WordPress website builder has made it simple for anybody to construct a website. Elementor Page Builder is now being used by more than 5,000,000 professionals.

Elementor Page Builder is a visual editor that allows you to design appealing pages with the aid of plugins. You no longer have to wait months to create and publish a dynamic website using Elementor. The key features of Elementor WP builder are shown below.

-Elementor WordPress Builder Features

Elementor’s features are designed for WordPress Website Developers to large businesses, allowing you to rapidly and simply develop and publish your website. From workflow, design, and typography to marketing, layout, e-commerce, and mobile editing, the Elementor WordPress Builder has you covered. We’ll go through the most important elements of the Elementor WordPress builder here:

1. Drag & Drop Editor: Elementor comes with one of WordPress’s quickest editors. WordPress agency owners will like the editor, which is user-friendly and makes it easy to quickly change anything with drag-and-drop functionality.

300+ Designer Made Templates: Elementor includes over 300 designer-made templates that are elegantly produced and intended to meet the particular demands of each sector.

2. More than 90 Widgets: Elementor’s widgets allow you to modify and generate content according to your needs. Button, headlines, forms, and much more may be placed conveniently on your websites. The widgets assist you in creating an excellent web page layout; simply conceive of anything and use it in your sites.

3. Interactive & Responsive Editing: The responsive editing tool allows you to fine-tune every aspect of your website so that it looks great on any device. This tool helps you to create a flawless mobile appearance.

4. Popup Builder: Because most complex websites include interactive popups, you may design websites with pixel-perfect popups. You may construct popups with extensive targeting settings using the Elementor popup builder.

5. Theme Builder: A theme builder allows you to see how your website is being built and gives you quick access to every part of it. This tool is included in the editor and allows you to have a visual tour of any area of the website at any time.

6. Woo-Commerce Builder: A woo-commerce builder allows you to quickly modify your online shop. You are the one who understands what your consumers want, and woo-strong commerce’s features assist you in enticing them with a webshop that speaks for you.

After reading over the Elementor WordPress builder’s key features, anyone may become enthusiastic. To build your website, you may now include novices and aspiring WordPress web developers in your team.

Your staff does not need to be tech-savvy; over 90 widgets efficiently offer you all content production solutions. WordPress website developers believe the platform to be one of the finest for WordPress development services since it includes script optimization, customizable characteristics, and rollback versions. Let’s have a look at what you can do using Elementor.

-Installation of the Elementor Page Builder

Elementor WordPress Builder, like other WordPress plugins, is simple to install. There are two methods for installation, as shown below:

1. Using Elementor to install directly

Step 1: Go to and select – Free Download from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Fill up the text field in the popup window with your email address.

Step 3: Select Subscribe & Download from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Go to Plugins > Add New on your WordPress dashboard in a new window.

Step 5: Select – Upload Plugin and go to file you just downloaded with Elementor.

Step 6: After installing the plugin, click on – Install Now and Activate Plugin.

2. Using the WordPress Dashboard to install

Step 1: Go to Plugins > Add New in the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2: Type Elementor into the search box and go to Elementor Page Builder.

Step 3: Select Install Now and then Activate when the installation is complete.

You may install Elementor WordPress Builder using one of these two simple methods. Let’s take a brief look at how to utilize Elementor in WordPress.

-WordPress Elementor Page Builder: How to Use It

Elementor’s sophisticated website development tools enable you to turn anything you dream into a reality. It also has a live editing function, which makes the process of designing and maintaining a WordPress website a lot easier, and you can see every component of the website while editing. Let’s take a short look at the Elementor editor.

You can rapidly master the basics of the Elementor editor since it has a user-friendly interface. Let’s pretend you’re using the Elementor editor for the first time. In such scenario, you may go to the Elementor dashboard by clicking on – Edit with Elementor when creating a new page or post on the left side of your WordPress dashboard, or by going to the Elementor dashboard by clicking on – Edit with Elementor while generating a new page or post.

The drag and drop features are located on the left side of the Elementor dashboard, along with widgets for customizing your WebPages. You may begin by selecting basic elements such as a header or an image gallery. Then you may start looking at the more complex capabilities, such as animated headlines and testimonial carousels.

The Elementor editor’s Style & Setting Configuration menu allows you to choose the default colors and fonts for your WebPages. You may also use Elementor to establish a global setting for your entire website.

The built-in ‘Revision History’ feature of the Elementor WordPress page builder is very useful. All of the modifications are listed under the Actions Tab, and you can quickly go back and forth between them. You may efficiently move between your past activities and revert to any previously produced version with the aid of the Revision Tab. Let’s get started building your first website using Elementor.

-Use Elementor WP Page Builder to Create Your First Page

Because of its sophisticated and user-friendly website creation capabilities, Elementor is well ahead of its competition. You don’t need any coding knowledge to start constructing your webpage, as seen below:

Step 1: Open the WordPress dashboard

Step 2: Select – Pages, then – Add New from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Go to the Page Builder by clicking on – Edit using Elementor.

Step 4: The Elementor editor will open, and you can begin customizing your pages.

Whoa! You’ve made your first webpage with ease, and you can now use the advanced options to tailor it to your unique needs.

-Next Steps

Once your blog is up and running, you may want to explore improving it and maybe earning money in the process. You may monetize your blog in a variety of ways. We’ll concentrate on two main approaches:

1. Ads — or more specifically, banner ads — are a wonderful method to monetize your site. This is a type of visual advertising in which you place advertisements on your blog’s pages. Ads may be used to make money in two ways. The first is through CPC (cost per click), where you get paid for each ad click. The alternative is CPM (cost per mile, or more often, cost per thousand impressions), in which you get paid a certain amount for every 1000 views of your banner.

2. Affiliate Marketing – in its most basic form, affiliate marketing is the

process of earning a commission by advertising the products of others. There are other forms of affiliate marketing, but the one that is most appropriate to a blog is advertising the product through writing and using a unique, trackable link. The affiliate (you) will receive a commission if a customer clicks on the link and purchases the product.


The Elementor WordPress page builder provides you with all the tools you need to give your ideas flight. Sections, Columns, and Widgets are the three primary building elements of the powerful editor. The pages and Blocks of the pre-designed templates provide you with everything you need to build and design your WordPress website.

Elementor’s pro edition includes additional features such as more widgets, popup builders, and customizable field possibilities, allowing you to take your website to new heights. All WordPress themes that meet the coding standards function with the Elementor Page Builder.

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