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Advantages of Using Cardboard Moving Boxes

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Cardboard removal boxes are the most essential packaging products for moving. Depending on the requirement one can use single walled or double walled cardboard boxes. Fragile items can be packed in robust boxes to ensure that they reach your new house without any damage.

For the moving process, one needs to select perfect removal boxes, but sometimes people end up thinking of repurposing boxes. But it is highly recommended that you use professional moving boxes so that your household items remain safe and intact.

We have compiled a few advantages of professional moving boxes UK. Let’s have a look at these benefits.

Perfect for Reducing Damage

Cardboard moving boxes are designed for moving and hence they are perfect for the purpose they have been created. Some features make removal boxes different from normal low quality cardboard boxes. They have corrugated walls that make them perfect for packing household stuff as they have small air pockets in between. The design of such boxes helps in absorbing shock and reducing damage when travelling.

The best thing about these boxes is that they are recyclable and can be repurposed after the move. They are also biodegradable and hence great for reducing the carbon footprint. When one sources ‘used’ boxes from a local store, one may not be sure if they have been compromised or not.

The professional moving cardboard boxes come in many different sizes and shapes and seeing so many options, one can get overwhelmed. But all these boxes have a purpose and according to their shape and size, products can be placed in them. Different types of boxes make it easier for the movers to pack specific items to keep them safe during travel.

There are specific double wall cardboard boxes suitable for your clothes, books, kitchen items, television set and other electronic products. Highly specialized boxes like wardrobe storage boxes to the boxes for refrigerator, sofa, TV set etc ensure maximum protection. Wardrobe boxes have a hanging bar to hang clothes without the need to fold them up.

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Identifying Boxes is Easy

For the perfect move, you must plan everything ahead of time. You must make a checklist and of course, packing tops the list. For cost cutting, you can reuse boxes but for uniformity and to ensure no damage occurs, it is recommended that you opt for professional moving boxes UK.

On cardboard removal boxes, you have space to write details about the content inside and which room it belongs to. This makes unpacking super easy. You can also go for a colour-coding based on the content category or rooms. It will make it easy to identify each box once you reach your new house and start unpacking.

Beware of Pests

Arranging for old boxes to reuse can be a good idea but you need to beware of unwanted pests. You can easily find old boxes at the local grocery store or get them from friends but bedbugs, silverfish, moths and cockroaches can be hidden in such reused boxes.

Tips for Packing

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when packing so that your move becomes hassle free.

Decluttering is Essential

It’s a very important packing tip, ensure that you don’t pack anything that is not required anymore. Get rid of clothes that you don’t wear and old furniture before moving to the new house.

Invest in Quality Removal Boxes

Don’t get tempted to reuse old cardboard boxes for packing instead order high quality moving boxes. Packaging Express is a leading supplier of packaging materials. They offer a wide range of packaging products at affordable prices. The products include premium quality moving boxes, tapes, envelopes, bubble wrap rolls and more.

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