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A Primer on Top Mitsubishi Shafts

Matt Welch

Mitsubishi Chemical, (MCA Golf, Inc) is one of the key players in the golf industry. While the company may be more familiar with its motor works, it has been at the forefront of chemical technology – and as it impacts golf, it has developed lighter, stronger, more flexible carbon fiber golf shafts featuring advanced technology for heightened performance, in the hands of players of diverse skill sets.

Here are some of the most highly regarded Mitsubishi shafts on the market, from two of Mitsubishi’s top lines, the Diamana and Tensei lines.

Mitsubishi Diamana Line
Mitsubishi makes Diamana Shafts for drivers, woods, irons, and putters, and the line even contains a series of hybrid shafts. Most if not all of the Mitsubishi shafts in the Diamana line have been well-received for their exceptionally smooth handling and loading. A common observation about their shafts (specifically driver or iron shafts like their TB shafts) load smoothly and transfer energy fluidly.

Mitsubishi Tensei Line
The Mitsubishi Tensei line contains hybrid, iron, and driver shafts. The hallmark of this line is the abundance of high-tech materials that are featured in their construction. Most golf shafts contain only a few materials; the shafts in the Tensei line contain up to 11, including their LRC, or Low-Resin Content, which allows for a higher density of carbon fiber for greater strength and flexibility without additional weight.

Ultra-responsive and exceptionally lightweight and strong, the Mitsubishi Tensei line, which has been inspired by the Japanese word for “transformation” contains several Mitsubishi shafts that are stronger, balanced, and more flexible at remarkable lightweights.

Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Line
The Mitsubishi Kuro Kage line, which contains hybrids shafts and wood/driver shafts, is largely defined by the merging of two technologies: the LRC, Low-Resin Content carbon fiber mentioned above, which adds strength and flexibility without additional weight, and Mitsubishi’s TiNi, or Titanium Nickel Wire.

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Mitsubishi’s goal was to create a line of tour weighted shafts that were optimized for “explosive power.” By merging the elements of their lightweight LRC carbon fiber with the unbelievable strength and energy-loading properties of TiNi wire, they have done just that.

The TiNi wire that is a fixture of the Kuro Kage line is an extraordinarily elastic, high-strength wire that loads smoothly and releases energy explosively – providing exceptional power, particularly for players with high swing speeds.

Mitsubishi MMT Line
The Mitsubishi MMT line, which utilizes a proprietary metal mesh technology (hence MMT) to improve the feel and performance of these shafts.

Unique among many modern golf shafts, the Mitsubishi shafts in the MMT line are made from individually braided strands of 304 stainless steel. It adds weight, but it also adds strength, and by including the steel strands into their prepreg carbon fiber layers, they were able to create a thinner, stronger wall. Highly responsive, finely tuned, and exceptionally strong, the Mitsubishi MMT line exemplifies the company’s commitment to improving technology and the entire experience.

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