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8 Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Spaces

Hermit Chawla

Nowadays, people are looking for strategies to decorate their residences in the best way possible. Here, furniture plays a vital role in enhancing the overall beauty of your home. Hence, you will need to choose the appropriate furniture to enhance the beauty of your living room. But, when the matter comes to a cramped and narrow living room, selecting a piece of suitable furniture for it becomes a little bit difficult. In that case, you have to opt for space-saving furniture that can glorify the beauty of your room as well. Another significant part of this procedure is that you have to be creative with your layout and perceive ways to arrange the furniture as it covers every tiny space of your room. 

However, we will discuss the top 8 interior design ideas for small living spaces in this article that are now in trend. Besides, if you need residential interior design services around your locality, let us know. 

1. Highlight the best features of the room:

According to this strategy, you should make use of your room’s assets as the center of attraction to provide it an appealing look. If your room gets sufficient sunlight during the daytime, it would be best to utilize furniture with a lighter color to create a mood of comprehensiveness. Besides, build a fireplace facing your furniture to draw the attention of your guests. 

2. Choose furniture wisely:

If you have a narrow living room, a single piece of furniture will matter most. The use of excessive furniture can occupy unnecessary spaces, causing a shortage of living areas. Nothing can be better than using leaner tables and wall scones to save floor spaces effectively. Besides, you can include tight-back sofas and club chairs in your living room for the perfect seating arrangement. 

Shelves capture a large area of your living room. Hence, consider using wall-mounted shelves to fulfill your requirement. Besides, put a floating desk over bulky bookcases to extend the usable space of the room. 

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3.Prepare a creative layout:

You have to think about something creative when you have limited space in your room. You can use an in-built banquette to maximize the available area. Apart from that, if the room is narrow but long, you can arrange sofas in a sequence that allows creating two seating areas altogether. But, in conventional seating arrangements, you won’t be able to get such an opportunity for sure. 

4.Decorate your room for better visual attraction:

To make your living room feel bigger and attractive, you can use different light sources hanging from the different heights of the ceiling. It will draw your attention to several areas of the room. Besides, you can use designing in-built bookshelves for a better visual attraction. Eventually, include several artworks, mirrors, or galleries (portrait, images, wallpaper) to add more beauty to it. Remember that the aesthetic nature of your room depends on how you are decorating your rooms. So, keep yourself innovative always. 

5.Set big furniture against the wall:

You can drag a selection of big furniture down against the wall while you have limited space in any room. It will help you to create a kind of open flooring space right in the middle of the room. According to the latest trend, you can float the couch across from multiple wicker-and-chrome chairs in the center of the room. Therefore, you will get open space in the middle of the room to have a great conversation with your guests. 

6.Create a cafe-style seating arrangement:

Who does not like the peaceful and aesthetic environment of a cafe restaurant? Well, there is no need for a large dining table to accomplish your everyday needs. If you want to represent your living room as a dining room, you can set a round café table just against the wall along with two chairs. Moreover, you can add two more folding chairs across the table whether any occasion or dinner party is arranged. 

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7.French style decoration:

At first, just embellish your room with bare furniture like a sofa for seating and a dining table for eating purposes so that it does not run through any square space. After that, furnish your room with formal decors like ornate mirrors, armchairs, sofas, etc. 

8.Improve your room’s elegance with Rugs:

To keep that floated sitting area separated from the other aspects of the room, you can use a rug bigger than the normal couch and chairs. The corner of the rug should not touch the walls. Despite this, the cafe table and other desks should be kept outside of the rug’s edges. 


Our article will help you to choose furniture that will maximize the space of your small living room. If you need any assistance regarding residential interior design services, feel free to contact us.

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