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28 martial arts logos that can “clear” your creative circuit

Khoa Nguyen
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Today, every field needs to be polished to a certain extent in order to be able to compete and develop. Martial arts is no exception! If you are looking for ideas for a martial arts logo or simply need inspiration for your thiet ke logo, do not hesitate to refer to this article right away! Come on, let’s explore with INDECALNHANH 28 martial arts logos that can “unblock” your creative meridians!

In the world, there are about 170 combat techniques systems classified as “martial arts” concepts (typical examples: Karate, Boxing, Kungfu, Krav Maga,…). Martial arts is also a huge industry with more than 3.6 million people practicing worldwide (2019) and dozens of related services (tournaments, equipment, courses, food, movies.. .)As a field with a fairly easy method of expression, the logos of gyms, sects, etc. in Vietnam are still quite sketchy in terms of images. 
Most of the top people don’t feel that the logo is important, so they invest quite a bit or use “patchy” images, use fonts that are difficult to read, etc. But nowadays, if the logo is beautiful, it is better, right? So let’s see how foreign designers “exploit” the martial arts logo theme:

1. High Energy Logo

Usually the logo has only 2 colors, in which the red-black pair is the most popular because it shows authority and strength; especially the shade of red represents great energy. Not only the colors, but the strokes and edges of the figure also show energy because they are so bold and flexible as if they were moving. The fonts also feel sturdy, strong with sharp strokes.
Credit: Vladberla, mv.., Dexterous, kosta-xd, Aedorian, Artmin,
AiPASSION, DN1991This type of logo is suitable for most martial arts systems because it represents a common core value: strength and energy. However, if the target audience is not someone who is targeting this element, then you should use other types of logos. This form is especially suitable for units with a strict training system, a bit hardcore! 

2. Abstract logo form (Abstract Logo)

This is a type of logo that requires creativity and good shaping technique: expressed through shapes and colors instead of specific images in the usual way. Abstract expression in the most common way is to use a movement or a martial arts device (gloves, protective gear, weapons, martial arts uniforms, belts…)
Credit: paulo.henrique, Dalmartian, alexandarm, JasperMori, Wafi Zimamul, Conel Doncea, JPlogo, Deezign DepotIt is recommended to use the brand name appearing in the logo for the most effective transmission.

3. Logo with a character

Character logos are a tried and tested form of logo that works for all industries, and martial arts is no exception. This type of logo is the most modern in the article. Using the type of character helps to give a specific image and makes it easy for viewers to remember; at the same time expressing individuality and uniqueness. Animals are an interesting choice of this type of logo.
Credit: NoviAlawiah, Cauliflower, Maylyn, Sr.Dante, Damarkurung, CHAMBER 5Children are easily interested in the characters, so if the target audience is children, this logo format is a good choice. This character is not rigid but can be freely creative: can be cute; cool cool; can be a champion or a weak character capable of rising;…

4. Balanced logo type (Calm, confident logo)

Martial arts not only focus on breaking and wounding, the field is also concerned with developing confidence and discipline while cultivating mindfulness. If any brand focuses on developing this aspect more than physical benefits, this type of logo is the perfect choice. Characteristics: cool colors, soft lines, harmonious image, not outstanding.
Credit:, JOURDAN,Alvianks, composigner, Girivana, LogomulogokuIf it looks like the Yoga class logo, then it’s for the same purpose: to improve flexibility, balance and flexibility. 

Collected and translated from Colorme blog 


Hopefully the above logos will inspire and give you some ideas for your next logo. Don’t forget to visit INDECALNHANH blog regularly to read quality articles or tutorials!

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