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10 Tips on how to care for your mixer grinder

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A kitchen can never have enough of accessories and appliances. It is the variety of them that adds to the comfort level in a home. Because it adds to the convenience, one such must for every kitchen is a mixer grinder.

Mixer grinders are definitely going to be a part of Indian homes as time progresses because these help you with cooking fast.

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Since you need to get your work done quickly, the least that can happen is for your mixer grinder not to work at all. And when it goes on a strike, no work in the kitchen gets done.

So here are a few tips on how to care for the Mixer Grinders and make them last long:

Regularly clean the blades and jars of your Mixer Grinder. The reason why you need to do this is because these two are the most used parts of the mixer grinder.

Wash them with water at least once a week, but make sure that after rinsing them they are completely dry. Make it a point not leave any water on them as this leads to formation of lumps and blocks on the blades which makes it hard to use.

Keep your Mixer Grinder away from water as much as possible. If you feel that the mixer grinder is too dirty after a session of usage, take out the blade and wash it with water and not the whole appliance itself.

When you are done with the appliance, remove all the attachments and wash them. Make sure that they dry completely before putting them back in place after washing.

Rub cooking oil on the blades of your mixer grinder once a month. This is a good way to protect the blades from rusting and makes it easy for you to operate it smoothly.

Keep the blades of your mixer grinder away from water at all times. Do not soak them or spray water on them unless you want to damage it permanently.

Never try to run a mixer grinder empty. Your appliance needs some material in it for safety reasons and if there is nothing inside, the motor starts heating up which may lead to damage.

Attach all the parts of your mixer grinder solidly while operating it. If some part is loose or comes off while you are using, it leads to accidents and injuries.

So follow these tips and make your Mixer Grinders last long enough to act as an asset for your kitchen.

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